Holy Weekend in Laiya

Hello blogging world! In case you haven't noticed, I'm still alive. Hehe. Haven't opened my laptop for days. Tomorrow's pullout day, no shoot, so I have a few hours to burn. Catching up on my favorite TV series while blogging. I feel so happy. Ang babaw ko na. Haha. Anyway, here's an overdue post! 

Went to Laiya, Batangas last holy week with some friends and family. It was super last minute, so we weren't able to prepare. Good thing Meg, my sister-in-law, knew a place and booked it. It's called PIPISIK and located at the malayong part of Laiya. As in no signal! It was quite liberating though, being disconnected from the world even just for a day. Here are photos from our trip! 

Roxy dress, Avon sunglasses & duffel bag, Bebe tote bag, Nava brown hat, S&H slippers

Had this dress for months now but never got the chance to wear it. So this is it. Tada! Love iiit. Lakas maka beachbum kahit panggap lang. Lol. Also love my new shades from Avon (love the fit sa pango kong nose) and my new slippers from S&H (lakas maka sexy ng feet). :) 

And now, some bikini pics! I'm so shy but no, had to suck it up haha. Thanks to my very supportive photographer Nico for being patient with me!:) In other news, need ko na ata mag work out! Have some cellulites na. Shet.

My lovely swimsuit is from EIKA! Thanks Erika, love it!:)

Okay, show's over. Hahaha. Here are more photos from our trip!
 We paid P6,000 for our room. Comes with 2 double beds and mattresses. Fits 8 people! 

 Our favorite spot

 Our room came with a kitchen na, so my sister just cooked for us. More tipid. Yey.

 trying to connect to Instagram.. but failed. Lol.


 Yun oh. Diet kami pareho. joke. PG kami. Haha.

 malayo ang tingiiiin...

 may weird. hinabol ang high tide. 

 failed jumpshot. haha.

 nasa ulap ba ang cam? so high haha

may clingy 

 feeling artsy

 survivor sa pampang ang peg

 bidang bida the selfie pod ni Marc

 love my bro in law's Sony Xperia Z2. Ang bongga this phone!

not bongga is the guy at the back photobombing us. Lol. 

Total expenses was just P1,300 each. Gas not included. For that price, this place is not too bad na noh? The only downside was the 100 steps going down the resort and up the parking area! For people who don't work out (like me), parusaaaaaa. Ayoko naaa. Haha. 

Will blog about our Puerta Galera trip next!:) Have to sleep now, so many things to do later. Love you all!:)

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  1. Aisaaaaa! Ang sexy mo! Kahit sabi mo you need to workout, peg pa rin. :)


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