DOVE's Real Beauty Summit

Long overdue post but this deserves all your attention. Last month, I was invited to take part in Dove's Real Beauty Summit at Sofitel, Manila. Before I delve into details, outfit post muna!:)

 Thrifted Elle shirt, Desino Dulce shorts, Cotton On belt, Romwe bracelet, Timex watch, Suiteblanco leopard ballet flats

Not sure if you noticed (coz waley naman mashado difference lol) that I'm not wearing any makeup here! Not even lipstick or lip tint. Bawaaaal. We were all told to take it all off upon check-in before heading back to the activity area. It was a challenge for most of the guests but it was pretty exciting for me! Going out in public without make-up was actually quite refreshing and liberating. In blogging, in fashion, one's ALWAYS required or expected to look great. So it was exciting to attend an event where guests were required to go au naturel! I love no make-up days. Hihi.

Shared a room with my girl Anagon!

Our bathroom was full of Dove and Unilever products! Took our makeup off with cold cream and soap. Wish there was a makeup remover though. Hihi.

 Sinful cookies! Hehe. Ana and I had to contain ourselves or we'd finish a jar in an hour. Haha. So good!!!

View from our balcony!:)

We were given a few minutes to settle down and remove our makeup, after that we all  headed downstairs for the program...

 Photo muna with mah girls Sarah & Ana before heading inside the tent

bare faced.

The beauty summit was hosted by the gorgeous Apples Aberin (Unilever's PR Head) and Lexi Schulze.

  media and blogger guests 

Dove Beauty Summit aims to educate us, and you through us, about the real meaning of beauty. It tackled a highly sensitive & debatable topic that has shaped our community for far too long... physical beauty & appearance. In this world, especially the industry I'm in, physical beauty is very much glorified. Our society has gotten so consumed & fixated in it's superficial concept, that we've lost the true meaning of the word. Beauty now equates to perfect skin, perfect nose, white skin (in other parts of the world tan naman), barbie or Mama Mary levels sa ganda. You know the saying, "Beauty is only skin deep"? No matter how hard we counter that with the saying, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", a huge percentage of the population still believe the former. I'm sure most girls would agree that life has become a constant pursuit for beauty & perfection, as well as constant approval of our actions and appearance. The truth makes me sad, it's hard and it hurts. How did we come to this? That's why whenever I watch Dove's real beauty video, the one where a guy make sketches of real people based on other people's description, it makes me tear up every time! It's because I, myself, haven't fully embraced my flaws. All of us have insecurities we try so hard to hide. 

 Result of a survey Dove conducted. It saddens me :(

 Such a beautiful campaign. :)

 This is the video I was talking about! The room was in tears after. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=litXW91UauE

 Unilever Marketing Manager Mian Datu-David talked about Dove's goal which is to make inspire women to reconnect with themselves and make them realize that they are beautiful in their own way.

 My favorite beauty bloggers unmasked! Marj, Angela, Nikki and Shen:)So beautiful!

After the presentation, we were asked to go to the next room for an impromptu photo shoot with 4 genius female photographers: Sara Black, Jo Ann Bitagcol, Pilar Tuason and G-Nie Arambulo! 

      After the shoot, we were given an hour to refresh and prepare for dinner!
 The tent and table setting was breathtaking

 We made history!!! We made a mark on social media!:) #RealBeauty

Gina Lorenzana, Unilever's VP for Personal Care, talked about the importance of unmasking and its impact on #RealBeauty

 Wasn't able to take photos of the food bilang nilafang ko agad agad.

 We were serenaded by Nicole Asensio. Love her voice... and her dress!:)

all our photos from the impromptu shoot were flashed on screen during dinner. Hiya ako haha.

Before the program came to an end, DOVE showed a lovely surprise for some of their media guests! It brought tears to our eyes. Husbands, parents, friends were interviewed how these people's real beauty inspired them. So touching.

We all retired to our respective rooms with huge smile on our faces and a warm heart. :)

Ana and I decided to stay in and spend the rest of our night chatting and eating! Haha.
 fries for midnight snack! Paid P180 for this. Sulit na hehe.

 So cute these miniature ketchup bottles!

Woke up early to grab breakfast and for Day 2 of Dove's beauty summit...
 Had a hearty breakfast at Spirals! Yummeeeh. Also got to catch up with some beauty blogger loves.

The tent was divided into 3 pavilions: Skin, Deo and Hair. We were also divided into groups.  We were then introduced to Dove's products and amazing technology.
 welcome remarks by Mian:)

First stop: HAIR

Dove's Brand Manager for Hair Carlo Isla explained how 8 out of 10 women have damaged hair! One should really take care good care of their hair especially those who frequently subject their hair to blowdry, ironing, curling, perm, coloring, excessive brushing, towel drying, etc. An unhealthy hair could easily break from the inside and out. They did demos to further enlighten us...

 Healthy hair floats in water, damaged hair sinks. Uh-oh. 

 Here's a demo on how DOVE is the wiser choice. They applied products (ordinary shampoo and the other Dove) and blow-dried 2 sets of hair and then placed it in water...

 Dove obviously protected the hair more! It's amazing how it floated while the other didn't.

I now use DOVE for my hair and nothing else! I can fall asleep more soundly, knowing my hair is healthier and protected.

Second Stop: DEO
 my favorite set-up!

 Unilever's Brand Manager for Deo Neil Trinidad talked about underarm damage and repair as well as self confidence. 

I do get conscious sometimes! Lalo na pag d nakapag shave, which I learned is a big no-no. It damages the skin pala. :(

 This is what happens to your skin when you shave

 It takes a month for the skin to fully recover. Found that out the hard way when I shaved my armpits while it was dry! It got scarred for a month. DOVE helped me in fairness! Not it's all healed na:)

We were then asked to write our aspirations on paper, reach up and stick it. Good thing I wore long sleeves. Haha!

 Yan oh.:)

So ladies, give your armpits a break and let it breathe. Don't subject it to torture like plucking or shaving. I suggest you just do laser treatments and use Dove deo always.

3rd stop: SKIN
 Looks familiar? Haha! Angela of Lush Angel is actually a DOVE model! As in international levels. Galing:)

 Love the skin pavilion setup:)

This section is my favorite coz it's something dear to me. It touches base 'coz I've been suffering from atopic dermatitis since I was 4 years old. It was a hard and long road (which I'm still walking on) but I was able to manage! Dove helped me to my road to recovery and maintenance. It's the only soap I could use that doesn't cause skin irritation. It was also one of the soaps my dermatologist recommended.  I am a Dove user since I was in grade school. I will forever be a fan.

The gorgeous dermatologist, Ana Rufino, talked about the importance and how to achieve good skin. 

 Tried out the moisture test...

 Our hand was washed and applied with milk and the other with Dove.

...and I got a pretty high score with Dove (50+ only with milk)!!!:)

Brand Manager for Dove Skin, Jules Gollayan, talked about Dove Body Wash!

The new Dove Body Wash is better than milk because it contains a rich blend of natural moisturizers that work together to replenish the skin and give it the deep nourishment it needs. It contains Nutrium Moisture TM, a breakthrough formula that combines gentle cleansing with deep down nourishment. It leaves the skin feeling and looking soft, smooth and radiant. Love it!

After the presentations, we were invited to lunch where Apples Aberin delivered a heartwarming speech. Thank you DOVE for this beautiful experience. We are all so proud to be part of this important campaign and movement. It taught us a lot and definitely inspired and empowered us more. Thank you for appreciating the beauty in everyone. I hope we all do too. One step at at time. I am positive we'll get there:) Stay beautiful, inspire and reach high, everyone!:)

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