Boracay Diary Day 4: Tides, ATV & Carnival

This is the last installment of my Boracay post! Sa wakas haha. We really made the most out of our last day in the island. Our scheduled pick up time by Southwest was 5pm, so we decided to do some activities before leaving. Most of them a first. Here's my story through photos! 

First stop was TIDES in station 1 where we paid P300 each to be able to swim in their pool (it's good for a day and free use of the gym). Please forgive my bikini photos. I just had to! The monokini from Cesa was just too pretty, as well as my bonggang cape from Simone's Fashion Shop. ;)

hair yang nasa leeg ko guys. nagexplain talaga. haha.

CESA floral monokini swimsuit, SIMONE's CLOSET boho cape, SM ACCESSORIES bangles, ROMWE hat, HAVAIANAS customized flipflops

Okay, tapos na ang paandar. Haha. But seriously, I'm in love with all the prints and the colors of the pieces I'm wearing! So summery lang, pwede na pang ABS-CBN station ID. Okay, waley. Haha. Anywayyyyy! This cape from Simone's Closet could also be worn on your regular pasyal days. It's cute with a plain top + highwaist shorts. Cutie pie. This Cesa swimwear is also a head turner! Loves it. 

 TIDES is inside D' Mall near Andoks and The Hobbit House:)

 got the pool to ourselves! woots!

 may nageenjoy. Haha.

Spent an hour or two at Tides, then transferred to the beach naman to enjoy some more sun. Well, Nico enjoyed, I just..um..managed. It was soooo hoooot.

 Bought some drinks at Tibraz so we could use their sun beds. hihi.

 dyesebel na foreigner? love the effort! Hehe

 Instaxed memories!:) 

Wearing Tough Shop bikini top & Cesa highwaist bottom :)

Headed in to bathe and refresh a little before heading out again for our ATV reservation. Thanks Kuya Ramel for arranging our activities! He's super nice and gives the best deal. If you want to try out different island activities, contact him! His number is +93929-526-7389 :)
may clingy.

So we hopped in a white KIA service that brought us to this carnival and to the ATV place. The ride was for free! They regularly service tourists from D' Mall area to here.

 Paid P350 for the ATV ride:) 

 happy riders hehe. but not so much coz super sa bagal our guide plus, the ride only lasted for less than 30 minutes. bitin. pfft.

Decided to try out the Trick Art Museum next. It was so much fun!!! You all should go here on your next Boracay visit;) I went gaga taking photos. I wanted to stay a little longer but it had to close at 5pm. Boo.

So much possibilities! Look, look , look!
 Will visit again next time to take more photos;)

And then Nico had this brilliant idea to try the Sky Cycle. It was for free and we were feeling extra adventurous that day so I thought, what the heck just do it. It might look like your typical carnival ride, it might even look a little boring, but we were so so so wrong. If your motto in life is YOLO, then this is just perfect for you! Haha. 

Looks easy and fun right? You just need to sit, put on your seat belt (which is just a simple strap to the waist) and pedal away.  

It turned out to be so hard!!! Well if you think about it, it should be easy, coz all you have to do is pedal your way to the finish line. But no...it was so terrifying! The whole time I was praying (out loud) and concentrating 'coz I was so scared we'd fall or the thing will just tip over. All I could think of was how much I wanted the whole thing to be over. I asked Nico if we could turn around a few seconds after take off, but we can't pedal back, can we? Haha. No freakin way out. Nico thought of the worst and he even asked me if I wanted to get off by jumping on that yellow tractor. I'll admit for a moment cinonsider ko talaga sha. Wahahaha! Sobrang epic. The creaks, rust and sudden bumps lalo na when we had to turn, made it worse. 

But, it was still an experience that's one for the books so I'm glad we did it. First and last na yon. Haha. 

There were a couple of KIA service vehicles (that takes tourists back to D'Mall) waiting outside

Ending my post with more photos of MNL Hostel!
Island activities information wall!

One of the private rooms with direct access to the rooftop (where all the fun things happen hehe) 

This is P2,200 a night

Clean and nice bathroom

Sliding door leading outside. You could also view the beach from here!

Lounge area at the rooftop. So chill!:)

Maica had to attend to someone from Boracay Sun. Nice:)

Public bathroom at the 2nd floor:)

Toilet's clean

the shower area too:)

Dorm hallway

 Common area where people could use the laptops provided:)

 Rooftop! Love this area:)

Lower rooftop lounge area

Thanks Maica for the very warm reception. I promise to come back again soon!:) I already miss MNL!:)


My recent Boracay trip was truly quite an experience. I was able to try new things in a familiar place. So much to discover in our country...this world!:) Best part? I was able to meet amazing people who are all passionate when it comes to traveling and living their lives. Thank you again Agoda and Maica of MNL Hostel for making this happen!:) I can't wait for my next adventure! Coron maybe?:)

Follow MNL or book a room now na!:)


  1. Bongga naman ng outfit. Love the patterns! Saya din ng adventure. I'm so jealous! :))

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  2. nice psot gurl! i love your narration ah nakakaaliw haha!:) see you soon bakla :)

  3. Girl, ang pogi ng bf mo! Bet ko siya, pwde pa share? hahaha

  4. So pretty in both swimsuits!! <3

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  5. Wow! I've learned a few things about this Boracay post -- that Tides allow usage of its swimming pool to non-staying guest for P300 and that MNL has a common area with laptops... Yay! Thanks a lot.

  6. Wow! I've learned a few things from this Boracay post -- that Tides Hotel allows usage of its swimming pool to non-staying guests for P300 and that MNL Hostel has a common area with laptops. Yay! Thanks a lot...

  7. LOVE the swimsuit sets! especially the 2nd one :)


  8. Hi girl,

    Greetings from Malaysia.

    Would you mind telling roughly of your spent in borocay?
    BTW, nice entries! i enjoy reading your blog. :)


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