Go Back to School or Travel In Style with HERSCHEL & LeBunny Bleu!

If I can marry two brands, it would be Herschel and Le Bunny Bleu. Their new collections are just perfect together. The styles and prints are so cool & stylish. Any student or traveler would easily fall in love with them. Herschel launched their Spring/Summer 2014 collection named: Fine Prints in collaboration with Heima last week at R Space Makati. The result of the partnership was amazing! Felt like I was in different places at once. Without further ado, here are Herschel's new bag styles & Le Bunny Bleu's new shoe collection. I wanted to take each and every one of them home. Haha. But first, outfit photos! Been a while! Haha.

 Thrifted Dress, LeBunny Bleu loafer heels

Photos from the launch!

Here are photos from my LeBunny Bleu, Shangrila visit!:) Prepare to drool!
my fave!:) 

 LeBunny for the lil ones!:)

 another fave!:)

 And the winner of them all. Took a pair home!

 Hidden heel wedges! For that added height:)

 Office shoes..that's extra chic!

 Tricia Gosingtian approved;)

 Another fave! Lakas maka tennis. It's so comfortable.

 This one is too yummy for my eyes!:)

 perfect for cold weather countries!:)

 i cry for these. Too pretty. :(

 The oxford/brogue lover in me is screaming in shoe ecstacy. OA pero true haha.

 Sneakers? Or art?

 sneaker wedges

 Had a hard time choosing! I had to it by votation. Haha!

 saw my twin on the LeBunny wall! Hihi

 The illustration was done by the very talented Crissey Si!!!:) So galeng!:)

 my picks:)

 And don't go home without the bunny!!!

Thank you Michelle! Had fun!:)

What's your fave?

Check out Herschel and LeBunny's new collections!


  1. So happy you enjoyed your LeBunny Bleu visit! Haha, I love your comment, "prepare to drool!" :) Your pictures are yummy!


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