Boracay Day 1: Going There + Dorm Night

After 2 weeks, here it iiiis! I'm so excited to share my Boracay experience with you. I told you before how I'm always able to discover something new anywhere I go, no matter how many times I've been there. Boracay is no exception! So excited to share with you my new discoveries with the help of MNL Hostel's owner Maica, who was so wonderful and accommodating. She gave me lots of tips and suggestions on how to enjoy this beautiful island more... but still within budget! Here's my story through photos. Enjoy:)

Went to ABS-CBN and styled for ASAP pa a few hours before the flight plus a quick pre-prod meeting at the Revilla's house in Alabang. Wanted to wear something that's suitable for work, meeting and travel so I chose this statement shirt from Berry Tops and paired it with mom jeans, ballet flats and gold necklace! Simpleng lakas makayaman na d pinagisipan. Haha. Kelly dropped me off at Terminal 4. Thanks Kels!

Wanted to try this self check-in machine (whatever it's called) and it actually works! Wow. So efficient, saves time and hassle free. No lines when we got to the counter.

Took an afternoon flight to Kalibo via AirAsia. Was able to book a flight for just P900 (roundtrip) during one of their online sale events. The P900 doesn't include check-in baggage and mine's overweight (nangarap na kayang handcarry lang, as usual..FAIL) so I had to pay P300+ to have it checked in. 

Ate was helpful naman:) Check-in took 1-2 minutes only.

Flight was not delayed, thank God. Got there early so we waited for 30 minutes before we were finally called for boarding. Yey! It was my first time to fly via AirAsia and so far so good.

 we had to ride their shuttle service going to our plane

 Nope, not our plane! This is for international flights only. For domestic, they still use Zest Air planes.

It was a smooth 45-minute ride going to Kalibo. Touched down at exactly 7:00pm, 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Woot! We waited for our luggage before going to the Southwest Tours counter to confirm our booking. I booked 2 days before our flight through their online reservation portal. I chose their Roundtrip door-to-door service for P975 per person. That includes Kalibo to Caticlan port service, environmental fees and other fees, boat ride going to Boracay island, multicab or van ride from Boracay port to hotel AND back. I paid a hundred more coz there's additional boat fee if you arrive late at night. It's my 3rd time to use Southwest and they never fail me! They make the trip so much easier and lighter. ;)

I wasn't able to email back my deposit slip when I was in Manila (which was required to get your booking number or final voucher) but they still accommodated us. I just showed them the confirmation email and the deposit slip. After a few minutes of waiting, we were on board their bus en route to Caticlan!  

 Huge bus for just 4 people! 2 chinese tourists rode with us:)

After 1 hour, we arrived at the Caticlan Port! We were escorted and assisted by the Southwest people. :) Love it parang airport na pala the waiting area!

 waiting for our boat

Rode this banca and it was the last trip going to the island!

Boat ride just took 15 minutes. We were again escorted and assisted by Southwest people when we got to the island. There was a multicab waiting for us which dropped us off to our respective hotels. :) I couldn't contain my excitement when I finally saw the sign... hello, MNL Hostel!!!!

love the sign by the stairs! Take me to the beach, oh yes.

reception area

Information wall! All you need to know about Boracay plus brochures you can use for activities & tour. They also posted some tips and insider info on how to tour the island.

hostel guests chillin' at the lobby

lounge area at the 2nd floor

We chose to stay at the mixed 6-bed dorm room on our first night. I wanted to experience being a legit backpacker. Haha! 

Dorm hallway!

Our room! Chatted with our German roomie before heading out again:)

 room reminders

bed assignments
sweet note from Maica!

Enjoying my cozy bed/pod! I'm so weird haha.


Decided to go oustide and explore the night life in Boracay! D'Mall is just a few minutes walk from the hostel. Super convenient!

Ate dinner at Andoks! Meal is just under P120. Budget!

And that ends my Day 1 post! Day 2 to be posted tomorrow. Excited to show you more photos! Have to sleep muna. Styling Kyla tomorrow for the Myx Awards. Wish me luck!:)

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  1. Sehr schöne Fotos von Dir.

  2. wow will definitely check out this hostel. very affordable pero maganda ;)

  3. what station pala ng boracay island to? thanks!

    1. Between station 1 and 2!:) near the lagoon:)

  4. I Love how informative this post is!Thanks for sharing your Experience!Kudos to you! :)

  5. Gaaah! I miss Boracay! Can't wait for November haha peg din namin jan sa MNL! ^_^

  6. This post is really helpful and infromative! And we're excited to stay at MNL Hostel too :D

  7. really informative post for travel enthusiasts!!! i enjoyed reading the captions of each photo!

    czarina :))


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