Enjoy A Cup Of Nescafe Capuccino

My work requires me to run around the metro and hop from one place to another. It's somewhat draining, but when you do the things you love it's always worth it. In between the crazies, I seldom pause for breaks. But now that my favorite coffee is back, I have a valid reason na to stop, chill, sit back, relax and enjoy a cup!:) Ladies, gents & coffee lovers (hi Ana!), NESCAFÈ Cappuccino and all it's foamy goodness is back!!!:)

Let me tell you a secret. I'm not really a coffee addict. I'm a tea kind of girl. But I do drink coffee. There are days I crave for it or i suddenly miss the taste. The taste i miss? It would always be NESCAFÈ. And I'm not saying this because it's sponsored ha! I remember how I loved making tambay beside NESCAFÈ’s vending machine when i was still studying in UST! No BS, I only drink coffee if it's Nescafe. Okay, maybe Starbucks sometimes. But, NESCAFÈ converted me, so I'm sticking with what's familiar and what tastes like home. I also love that they offer varieties. One that stuck with me is NESCAFÈ Cappuccino! Now that it's back, I'll make sure I stock up on it. It's so foamy you could draw a heart or whatever you want on top! Serve it like it's straight from the coffee shop.

They also included a pack of choco sprinkles to make drinking coffee more fun and for that extra flavor. It tastes so rich (kahit amoy palang). So why spend a hundred bucks on a cup, when you can get the same feel and experience for P7.00 at the comfort of your own home or office?:) 

It's now available in leading groceries and supermarkets. Let's share a cup?:)

Grab a pack of NESCAFÉ Cappuccino in all supermarkets, groceries and convenient stores for only Php7!:)

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