Rugged Plaid

Finally! Here's an on the day post!:) Spent today working online and eating...AGAIN. Now, I'm doing some pre-styling, trying to come up with a carnival inspired outfit. Sana achieve! Anywaaaay, here are photos from today. Can I just say, ang baho lang sa spot na to. But waley, tiis ganda lang. Hashtag blogger problems. Blogger problems = urine, shit and garbage. Bet nio? Haha. Paupo upo pako sa sidewalk db. Here na...

photos by Nix

 Wrangler jacket, Forever 21 tanktop, Shana plaid shorts, Oxygen bag, Romwe bracelet, Axis gold watch, Converse sneakers

Another spur of the moment outfit. I think I style best under time pressure. Lol. And I love today bilang sweater weather! Wore my favorite from Wrangler. Nausukan nako't lahat sa isawan no sweat pa din! I lavetttt. 

Went to U.P. for a spontaneous isaw date! 

Box office the line in fairness! We had to wait for 30 minutes for our order. Finished 11 sticks of isaw! Baboy lang. Haha. Of course, I can't leave without eating my favorite avocado ice cream! Yum. :) Headed to Maginhawa after!

Burger & fries for dinner at The BRGR Project! Hello Ruben and Kuya PJ. :)

 Pax + Nix burger daw. Panix. Gets? Waley! Haha.

Angus Beef + Caramelized Onions + Mozarella Cheese + Lettuce + Tomato + Jalapeno + Pesto Sauce + Teriyaki Sauce = PANIX! Nyeh. Haha. 

Chili Cheese Fries. The Best!

PINO's house blend iced tea

Good news!!! The BRGR Project had just opened their newest branch at Sct. Rallos, Q.C. Satisfy your cravings now na. Congrats guys!:)

That's it pancit! Meeting up with half of the clingies tomorrow. Can't wait to catch up with my girls!:) How was your day? 

P.S. I'm now on Bridalbook as a featured engagement stylist / wedding supplier! Everyone. get married na and hire me! Hihi!

For bookings, just shoot me an email at isabelipac@gmail.com :)

P.P.S. If you still have no idea what to wear to SINULOG, Trunkshow already took care of that for you! Lakas ko maka ambassador noh? Like their page, they have lots of awesome stuff!:)

Talk to you tomorrow! Toodles. xo


  1. Aww benta yun panics hahaha pedeng banda--namimiss ko naman brgr project hassle!!! And waaah magmimeet kayo later!!! Inggit ako, regards to everyone!!!!:) <3

  2. i love your outfit here Ms.Ais :)

    czarina :)

  3. I love your outfit! And you're so cute and funny as always hehe!
    Also, super interesting yang burger project! wanna try!
    God bless and more power!!! :) I love reading your posts!

    Hershey Neri

    1. hihi thanks Neri!!!:) Try Brgr Project promise sulit!!:)

  4. Like ko yung Burger Project, kapit bahay lang namin pero nasa 500 meters away from our house. Enjoy the yummy burger.

    1. uy lapit mo lang ah!!! Dalaw ka madalas!:))

  5. Bentang-benta ng spot na yan! Hahahha Nakakatuwa ka talaga mag blog, nakakarelate ako agad kasi you're being so real. :)

    1. hihi thank you pppowz. Thanks babe!:)))


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