Sweater Weather

Don't you just love chilly Manila? It happens once in a blue moon lang, so more more pag avail. Hehe. Makes me think tuloy what might happen on March. Baka naman welcome to hell ang peg. Yikes. Pagawa nako ng ice na kama. Lol. Anyway, did pullouts yesterday and then met up with cousins and childhood friends for some drinks and chika! We've all been busy with work and school, so we decided to get together to unwind. I had to do some ninja moves so I could leave at 3am bilang antok na si girl haha! Now, I have a f*%#@n' sore throat. Pfft. Here's my outfit yesterday!

Romwe sweater top, Wrangler jeans, Guess thrifted bag, Axis watch, Zalora heels

I am obsessed with ROMWE's sweaters! So much to choose from. I hoarded ata last time. I forgot I live in a tropical country. Lels. Also love my new Wrangler pants. Love the wash and fit. :)

my patient photog hihi

Went to Shangrila Mall after to source for clothes for ASAP on Sunday, and then dropped by 2GO's office to pick up something. Headed home after for another round of food trip!

Persian madness at HASSAN, Katipunan! Ordered my favorite Keema w/ eggplant and cheese. Nix ordered his favorite beef kebab meal. Their Dynamite cheese sticks with green sili is awesooome. :)

That's all for now! Heading out to do pullouts for tomorrow. Happy weekend everyone!:)


  1. oh. you have nice tattoo at your back. Nice outfit and bagay sa view.

  2. Totoo yun..medyo takot ako mag march girl.. baka pwede ng magluto ng egg sa ulo ko! hahaha! love the outfit tey! hinay hinay sa work! and get well soon ang sore throat!

  3. Those sandals are divine!

  4. LOVE the colder nights we experience here in Manila!!!

    czarina :)))


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