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Good Morning Manila!!! Inimagine ko talaga nasa concert and stage ako while I was typing that. Lol. Got up early today! Been texting brands for pullouts this morning and couldn't go back to sleep na. Hee. So here I am eating instant oatmeal thay I prepared (oha magpa fiesta na!), while blogging and working on emails. Woots. Will head out later to return pulls and pullout as well. Goodluck naman sa Friday traffic. I'm also bringing back Archive Clothing this year. It will also be posted on the Clingies Closet page. Add us on fb! More on that later, outfit post muna;)

Wrangler pink buttondown shirt, Suiteblanco skirt, Ever New bag, Anagon sunnies, Primadonna heels

I have no idea how I was able to wear this many pinks in one outfit. Haha. For the record, my favorite color is yellow. Haha. This cute pink buttondown top from Wrangler has a yellow polka lining inside. So cute!:)

Heading out in a bit! But before that, here's a peek see on Archive Clothing's new collection. To be uploaded soon!

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Will also be selling these on our new facebook page, THE CLINGIES CLOSET! Shop the closets of Tracy Ayson, Ana Gonzales, Tin Iglesias, Sarah Tirona and Paul Chuapoco. Follow us!:) Toodles! xo


  1. Excited for our Closet!!! Hehehe!:) love the pics dito, and yey for anagon!!:)

  2. what is your shoe size? n how tall r u?

  3. Love this outfit! fave colour ko naman yan haha. Aww may closet na kayo nice :) good luck!

  4. haha! also imagined you're saying it on stage talaga 😂

  5. This is BEAUTFUL! Have to share it :)


  6. Love your outfit here! :)

  7. I sooo love your porma here! Lalo na the BAG! :)

  8. such a cute feminine outfit!!! i LOVE the stripe skirt!!

  9. Love it, your outfit is so lovely!such a cute feminine outfit!!! fashion Clothing


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