Archive Clothing's New Collection is Out!

Hi guys! Been in hiatus for days now. Got sick....again! Had acute toncilli pharyngitis. Totoo ba yun o inimbento lang ng doctor yung term? Anywaay. Haha. I feel better now but I'm having migraines naman kaazar! I did use my mandatory 2 days bed rest though! Was able to work on a lot of things. I was even able to make a Facebook styling portfolio. Sa wakas! Here are some of my personal faves that are still available. The others sold na, so go go go...

You could also shop some of the clothes I used on my blog! Posted it at The Clingies Closet:) 

Shop the other clingies: http://www.facebook.com/clingiescloset

Oh, don't forget to drop by SM Aura tomorrow! Will be there from 11am to 8pm for SM Ladies. Will go around to spot fashionistas who will receive GCs. Bongga to kaya magpaandar na kayo! 

See you!:)


  1. Wow these are some cute pieces,
    I love the pictures where you have
    a red top and a pastel mini skirt,
    so chic!!!
    PS: get well soon


  2. Chic archive clothing pieces Ms Ais!!

    get enough rest :)


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