Birds In Flight

Hello!!! Another random post. Happy Birthday to my baby bro a.k.a Chubby Cheeks! Hahaha. I'm currently in Marikina nagpapaka anti-social haha. Just ate dinner with the fam. Seafood galore! My hand still smells like crab and shrimp. Yak. Lels. I'm here blogging whie the boys are watching basketball. Boriiing. Hihi. Just stayed at the apartment the whole day coz I feel sick. Overloaded in Vitamin C baka maagapan. I hate being sick. Anyway, here's my outfit today!!! Pardon my haggarda face ha, no makeup look. Hihi. 

 Petit Monde swallows top, Wrangler jeans, Pony vintage bag, So Fab heels

My allergies recurred so I had to go back to wearing jeans. Less skin exposure the better. Asar. Haha. My shorts obsession has to take a backseat muna. Pfft. It's a good thing I have comfortable jeans that doesn't irritate my skin. Thank you Wrangler! Hehe. So cute my Petit Monde top also noh? Love the print, the collar and the sheer back. 

That's it for now! Happy Birthday again to my bro Joot (yes, named after that medicinal medicine that was recently legalized in Colorado). My parents are cool like that. Lol. 

Going thrifting tomorrow for Archive Clothing! So excited!:) Watch out for my comeback collection soon!:)

P.S. Here are my giveaway winners!

FLIPSTERS - Jen Casimero, Agnes Dela Cruz, Arminda De Leon
ROMWE -  Camille Ledesma

Will email you! More giveaways soon:)

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