2GO Travel: Cruisin' to Iloilo & Bacolod!

It was more than 15 years ago when I last set foot on a ship. I remember how my siblings and I bonded in the cabin of Negros Navigation's Princess of Negros going to Bacolod. Soon after, our only option was to fly to wherever. I forgot how fun it was to take a cruise until 2GO Travel reminded me again last week during our IloIlo-Bacolod trip! Now it's on top of my "ways to travel" list. Starting this post with what I wore on our first day...

photos by Tin Iglesias

Wrangler denim shirt, Superdry pants, Timex watch, Converse sneakers

That's My Tomboy lang my peg that day. I know we'll be moving around a lot so I wanted to wear something comfy. La lang. That's all. Photos from our trip!:)

Tin and I took a cab going to The Hub. Rhyming pa db. Anyway, it was super easy to find! It's located at Rizal Park just beside the Chinese Garden. Yes my friends, Luneta. The main gate is just across Intramuros Golf. I'm pretty sure you won't miss the pink signs. Hehe.

The Hub @ Kilometer Zero is basically a lounge where 2GO passengers could relax and dine in while waiting for their trips or when booking a trip. Kyot noh?

Super comfy couches! Tin and I got there early, as in 2 hours before our calltime, and we didn't even feel the time coz of these couches haha.

Free coffee inside & milo inside c/o their Nescafe vending machine hehe. Tin and I finished 2 cups. Sarap!  

 You could buy tickets here too. I was able to get quotations for our future Cebu & Boracay trip.

Bloggers were welcomed by Mr. Stephen Tagud, VP & Passages Business Commercial Officer of 2GO

 we were given IDs and pins for identification. Love it!

So we had lunch there first before heading to the pier where the vessel was docked. After eating and a short briefing we boarded their magenta bus. Kyots.

Upon arrival, we were then escorted inside where we had to undergo mandatory bag screening and our photo taken by their ticket officer. Easy breezy cover girl!

Their waiting area is nice. It's just like being in an airport! They have more facilities though like Yosihan, nursing station, etc. etc. And then...boarding time!!!

the majestic St. Michael the Archangel. Our home for 2 nights! 

 Porters were there to help us carry our bags 

 You won't get lost! Signs and 2GO crew peeps everywhere!

 tuwang tuwa lang si Tracy girl haha!

We assembled at the hallway near the cafeteria. It's also where the information / reception area is located.

 hello Paul. hello officers sa taas!

 happy to serve! hehe

 umaartsy haha

 love their cafeteria! so posh and love the colors

We then headed to Horizon Cafe for more briefing, welcoming remarks and snacks!

After eating, time to explore the ship!!! 
cellphone charging station!

 regular bunk beds with aircon. Not bad!

 selfie muna sa powder room!

 event hall! this is where you can gimik at night hehe.

 bar area

 roving sari-sari store. hehe.

that's my officer boys. yeheees.


clinic on board!

Tourist Room. I actually love this room!

VIP room! Biggest room they have.

no bad hair days! they even have a salon on board

no stress din coz they offer massages too!

Airplane Seater para sa nagtitipid. This is actually comfy! We even plan to try it out sometime bilang P400 lang daw. Haha.

barkadahan haha

We were also given access to the uber off limits Pilot House! Bongga!

hello Captain!!!

what is the meaning of these!!!! hello telephone???

obvious na d pa kami nakakaalis haha

class pic!

taray ng map and compass. Gulliver's travel the peg hihi

hello GF Tin!

hello officers na jinit na jinit keri lng yan!

Now here's our room!
the room's a little small though for 4 people but since clingy kami we were fine with it!

personalized note and freebies! thanks 2GO!

mirror selfie muna!

twin beds (this room is P3k+ for 2 people na)

To view the other rooms, click HERE: http://travel.2go.com.ph/Accommodation-Facilities/

We rested for a bit before meeting up with the gang again for our Bloggers' Night at the event hall...
Jessica (sha lang talaga naalala ko haha) and Kuya, her singing partner was there to entertain us. They often have bands who perform.

I forgot his name but this stand up comedian's such a winner. Funny and witty!

There were other people in the hall, other passengers who were drinking and out for the night. Gimik gimik pag may time! Haha. Andaming paandar that night, different contests na super laughtrip.

There was  a a karaoke contest for the bloggers and the passengers

Didn't drink that night coz I already felt woozy and dizzy enough na coz of the unforgiving waves! Fortune Island daw yun.

Paul sang Faithfully by Journey. With feelings!!!

Papi Rodel sang Before I Let You Go by Freestyle

Echo & Tracy sang Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang. Wuuuy.

Ms.Weng of Tagline awarded the winners

Congrats Paul and Ate Girl! They both won roundtrip tickets to Boracay and Cebu!

I will be putting our short yet super sweet visit to Iloilo and Bacolod on a separate post, but here's what happened during our Day 3 on board...

Chef JP's live cooking demo! Pwede na magkashow!:)

He taught us how to make kilawin and mango float!

Kilawin in a glass. Ilagay lang lahat ng ulam sa glass para fancy na agad agad! Pag dinuguan kaya? Haha


We tried to take outfit photos but the wind was super destructive! As in liliparin nako levels.

A few of our blogger friends also gave inspirational talks like Kuya Pong of Googly Gooeys!:)


Tracy won 2 roundtrip tickets to Boracay for winning best photo online and for having the most likes!:)

2GO Travel Classmates! Hehe

It's nice knowing and it made us, the clingys, happy & excited that we're not bound to airplanes nalang when traveling. Now we can reach certain destinations without breaking the bank. 2GO Travel is budget friendly, it's safe and fun (more bonding time with loved ones!) You wouldn't even feel the hours coz of all the facilities on board.  It's the best way to relax and unwind. Just make sure you'll sleep through the Fortune Island phase (don't forget to drink Bonamine!) Hehe. Sakay na!:)

P.S. Di pa natapos ang kabonggahan sa land! We were fetched and dropped off by Tagline's BLACK LIMO. Shushal! It's for rent for parties. Message me for deets!:)

2GO Travel is one of the largest, premier land/sea-travel provider in the Philippines. 

The company offers a wide selection of hotel accommodations/services, tours and events packages, with the ease of land/sea travel. 

Born out of established brands such as Negros Navigation, Superferry, Cebu Ferries, and Supercat, 2GO Travel has a combined history of more than 148 years in travel industry.

From the sunny beaches of Boracay, to the iconic skylines of Manila, 2GO travel works with over 1,200 outlets nationwide, catering to various ports in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

By combining seamless travel experience, with breathtaking destinations, and the luxury of hotel accommodations, the company aims to redefine travel.


  1. Nice! I actually did consider booking 2GO tickets din for Cebu for Sinulog, but they didn't have the dates I wanted. I used to travel a lot by boat to Cebu (which is my dad's home province), and I do want to try it again. Nostalgic eh. :) Hope you guys had fun!

  2. this is good to know..thanks

  3. That's my tomboy look benta!!! Hehe!! LOVE the information you shared thru this post!

    czarina :)

  4. Love reading your Blog Aisa! Informative & Fun at the same time... :)


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