Clingys in Baguio: The Ultimate Foodtrip

Our gastronomic adventures and food indulgences in Baguio deserves a separate blog post. Haha. The clingys and I were able to try different food places there with the help of google and Sir Anton's blog Awesome Planet.:) If there's one thing we have common, it's our love for food and our persistence in appeasing our appetites. But first, my last Baguio outfit. Feel na feel ko ang winter. Haha.

SM Girls Teens' Wear sweater, Thrifted coat & skirt, Onecklace.com Pax necklace, I Dunna Shop flats

With the sporty trend dominating the streets, I decided to go back to what I love most, vintage and ukay! Haha. Super love the print on this skirt. Folded it sa waist to make it shorter hihi. I also love this versatile white sweater from SM GTW which goes with anything! I'm planning to wear it with shorts and jeans or trousers next. Abangan! Hihi.  

First Stop: THE RUINS
 Been here before but decided to visit it again!

 they sell bread too! 

 parang galit si ate hehe

contest sa pagandahan ng food photos lol

extreme food photography! haha

Our sumpuotous late lunch! ordered their longganisa meal. Love how they prepared it! Tasted fine too.:)

Tracy ordered kesong puti that came with a loaf of bread why not. Tin ordered their champorado that came with danggit. Ana ordered their version of tortang talong and cheese sticks with lemon inside. Yum. The food is a little pricey though. But if you're after great food and great ambiance, go na kayo dito.

Address: 25 Shuntug Rd, Baguio City 2600
Phone:(074) 442 4010
Hours: 7 am to 9pm


Discovered via google again. Haha. Ketchup Food Community is like a small compound composed of different restos serving different dishes. Perfect for indecisive group of people who has different food preferences.  

We settled for RANCHO NORTE. I wanted Thai food sana but since we're clingy we all had to stick together. Haha. They wanted to try the alleged best sisig in town so gora na here. Rancho Norte serves Filipino dishes.

Ensaladang Talong (in english: mix mix eggplant, joke hehe)




Our verdict: I'm not an expert food critique so I won't even attempt to delve into technical food stuff, but the food was good. I loved the Kare-Kare the most. The sisig was delicious & different but it's heart attack on a plate. It's  made of big chunks of crunchy pork, mostly skin and fats. Mejo nakakanginig and nakakasawa but it's yummy naman. For all that we ordered, we just paid P200 each! Our cheapest meal so far. Haha.

Green Pepper - serves Western food, sandwiches & pasta.

Happy Tummy - serves Thai dishes while Rumah Sate serves Indonesian - Malaysian food.

Canto - is a steakhouse famous for their lomo ribs

If you want to satisfy all your cravings in one place, this is it. Haha. Will go back soon. I want to try na the Thai dishes, heard it's good!:) 

Address: Romulo Dr, Baguio City 2600
Open: Monday-Sunday from 8am to 10:30pm

Third Stop: PNKY CAFE

With Ana, it's inevitable that we always end our food adventures with a cup of coffee (and tea for me!). So after Ketchup Community, we took a cab going to PNKY! It's just in the area and we heard it's one of the best coffee places in town. 

This Cafe is perfect for us coz it all about traveling!:) 

we went cray cray inside and took photos of everything. Heh.

love the interiors

selfie selfie lang

the sell bottled delicacies like jams, chili oil, etc.


coffee and hot choco for the gang

 my sweet surprise!:) funny how he had to act the whole day we were on the phone yun pala he's on his way to Baguio na. Lol.

my chamomile tea na bottomless. Haha.

I could just spend hours in here reading a book, chatting with friends or doing nothing. They also serve food!:) 

Address: #9 Cabinet Hill, Purok 3 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City 2600

Fourth Stop: Oh My Gulay!

I have always wanted to try and visit this artsy restaurant but never got the chance. So pinush talaga namin as a treat na din to the vegetarian Ana and the artsy Tin:) The place and the food exceeded my expectations! It's a nice place to just chill with friends over amazing food or a cup of coffee. 

stairway to food heaven

it's a different world inside. wooow.

Didn't really think I'd come out of this place full. But I was wrong! Ordered their version of Eggplant Parmigiana. No bull, but it might be the best I ever had. Next to Paul's. Hihi.

Think toasted bread as the base. Lots of egpplant and cheese! 

 Of course, I wouldn't survive this trip without my new Momax iPower GO battery pack!!! Buy your own from Digits Trading.

 As in it saved me from numerous phone battery deaths. Haha. I always have to check emails and update my social media sites so this is just perfect for me! Perfect for those who are always on the go. 

4 dots for battery life 

you can charge 2 phones at once! Comes with 2 usb cords too.

that mini usb port is when you have to charge it using your laptop 

power button! it automatically shuts off when you remove your phone. no need to worry na madrain sha magisa.:) 

Back to our orders...
 onion rings na super sarap daw according to tin and ana

 Oh My Gulay Rice. Native brown rice with ten vegetable mixed in mongolian sauce topped with tofu and omelet. Even the meat lovers would love this.

The prices are reasonable too! The Oh My Gulay rice plate is just P140. Prices range from P60 - P200 :) Not bad. Aside from healthy vegetarian dishes, Oh My Gulay also serves as a haven for art enthusiasts. This serves as an art gallery and theater sometimes:)

 Veranda overlooking the city

Another hidden gem in Baguio! Amazing food, amazing ambiance.  Gusto ko kumanta ng Hiraya Manawari while exploring the place. Haha!  This outrageously beautiful concept was by renowned indie film director Kidlat Tahimik. That's why!:) Will go back soon to chill again and try out the other dishes:)

Address: Session Road, Top Floor, La Azotea Bldg. (green building across don henricos)
Telephone: +63 74 446-0108
Opens daily 11.00am to 9.00pm

Fifth Stop: 50's DINER 
 I forgot what our meals are called but they're okay:) Pang birthday party ganun



 super yummy milkshake

 giant cheese bread na pang 1 month supply haha

Love the ambiance and the food was just okay.  You should check it out at least once in your life though.:)

Address: Upper General Luna Road, Corner Brent Road, 92 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City
Phone:(074) 442 4839

And that ends my Baguio posts! Documented our happy time in the forest using Ana's Instax!:) Hope may napulot kayong tips or whatever sa posts ko. Haha. Can't wait to go back to Baguio, wanna ukay more!!!:)


  1. Been there 2 weeks ago. Thanks for sharing these. Now I know where to eat next time. :)

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  2. This post made me miss Baguio! Even if I go there often, like many times in a year, I never get tired of it. I didn't know na Tin Iglesias was close pala sa inyong lahat! Grabeh! Ang bongga ng barkada niyo! Love it! :D

  3. I enjoyed reading through and most especially your photos. I thought of going to Baguio tuloy this Dec. Haven't been there.

  4. wow!! i really enjoyed reading and browsing thru the photos!! i LOVE this food post from Baguio!! hope i can try even one of the places above :)

    czarina :)


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