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Helloweee! 3 days to go til Bloggers United 6!!! Gaaah. I'm nervous as always. Even if it has always been a success (thanks to our bloggers, sponsors and friends from the media), it never fails to give me butterflies. So I hope to see you all there! Let's all date at the World Trade Center on Saturday. Haha. I will be going around but please bug me if you see me. Would love to give all of you a hug. Hihi. More on #BU6 later, but for now an outfit post!!!:)

NAVA sweater, Ripples By Jenny checkered skorts, Vintage (from Vanessa East) bag, Baguio beanie, Casio watch, Envy bracelet, Promod heels

This might be my #BU6 outfit! Shot it in advance so I can show you guys this awesome sweater (and a lot more) which you can buy from NAVA's booth on Saturday!:) 10% discount on all items the whole day. Avail niyo na! Ako, I'm a huge fan of NAVA. They have the best merchandise bilang it's also being handled by blogger Danika Navarro, one of my fashion idols!:) So don't forget to drop by their booth ha. 

I, on the other hand, is sharing a booth with my gf Ana!!! Look for these tarps bilang nagpagawa na kami so you won't miss us. Hihi. I have so much clothes to sell d ko na alam pano pagkakashahin sa 3 racks. Haha. Will be selling pre-loved items, most are not used or used once, and vintage!:)

Anyway, posting about BU later. Giving away 10 tickets! Stay tuned:) Need to run errands muna. Ciao loves!:)

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