The Clingys Goes to Baguio!

So I just downloaded (as in now lang 10 seconds ago binilang ko talaga charot) this Blogger app for Android named Bloggeroid. So disclaimer, THIS IS JUST A TEST. If dinosaur ang post, delete! Haha!

Anywaaay, we are now baguio bound! Start palang laughtrip na with my girlys Tracy, Ana and Tin. Meeting time at Victory Liner Cubao was 8:30am (bilang rockstar I came 10am haha) but we still waited for available seats bilang chance passengers. Lucky us we got the last 4 seats thanks to our eager beaver lawyer Tracy Ayson. Haha. Now nagkakalat lang kami sa bus sa ingay. So if you're on board I'm zo zorry please bear with us! Haha. We went Deluxe by the way which is more expensive than ordinary by P300. Deluxe is P715, ordinary is P485 I think. Comparison below!:)

Bongga may stewardess pa!

1. More leg room
2. Comfy seats
3. Restroom
4. No stopovers so you get to your destination quicker.
5. Free water and snacks.

I would still go for ordinary next time though. I love stopovers! And it's basically the same except for some added perks. This bus is super comfy though mejo majinit lang sa likod! Pakiexplain! Labyu.
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  1. enjoy and have a safe trip to Baguio trip Ms Ais!

    czarina :)


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