GIORDANO Set Sails at Philippine Fashion Week

Giordano's PFW S/S 2014 collection made me want to run to the beach or sail with friends on a yacht. Casual wear at it's best! Here's Giordano's new collection named Holiday Cruise & Linen Story. But before that, here's the outcome of the shoot we did for them 2 weeks ago. Bongga!

Kookie Buhain & David Guison

Verniece Enciso, Miko Carreon and  mine!

Alyssa Lapid

Vern Enciso & Dani Barretto

Tracy Ayson & Mikyle Quizon

The Holiday Cruise collection is inspired by luxurious travels and sandy shores. The nautical theme sails on with a plethora of chambrays and various fabrics like Tencel offered in a range of washes and prints from heavy indigo to washed-out shades.

Linen Story collection shifts from an earthy side to a burst of color in the form of button-down shirts in pure linen and cotton blends. You'll enjoy clothes filled with Aztec, Navajo and Nomadic elements, plus cool and soothing "blues" for tops and dresses.

Their new collection's sooo me! What's your favorite?:)


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