YABU House of Katsu Opens in SM North!

Why do I keep blogging about food at this hour? Whyyyyyyy. Now I feel famished. Pfft. Buuut! I couldn't keep this amazing news from you my loves, especially you northerners, YABU, The Block SM North is now open! Woopsiedoo!:) Now let's all do the happy Katsu cartwheel to Yabu's newest branch. Photos from the launch! Oh how I missed my Katsu love:)

it's best to share this gastronomic experience with friends! And family of course:)

Camwhored while waiting for our orders...
hello Paul the Movie Guide! Nyahaha.

sweet mo Tracy hehehe

with our favorite ladies, Erika and Denise of YABU!:)

Kelly & Ava

blog and life sister Anagon!

 angyare Paul? hehehe. ultimate top shot!


hello Sarah & Bestie!

 with my loves Ava and Ana

And then... food!
ordered my favorite appetizers, potato salad & tofu!

 Miso Katsu Set. My new favorite! Bet ko the sauce. It's similar to the original Katsu sauce but more subtle. I like!

 Vegetarian Set (eggplants, onions, tofu)

 Seafood Set

Choco Lava! Soooo goood.

I ordered my favorite Rosu Pork Katsudon set. I always ask for a separate sauce so I could control my consumption (taray haha). They're always kind enough to grant my requests heehee. Our blog kada love their Layu Sauce! If you like a little spice then don't forget to ask for a bowl, makes eating more enjoyable:) 

 And shempre the forever present Testimonial Wall in their restroom!:) Mine's at Yabu Megamall. Heehee.

Congratulations YABU! You had once again whetted our appetite and cravings, conquered our stomachs and our hearts. YABU is all about these factors -- amazing food, great service, nice ambiance, etc.-- that has made it phenomenal. But more than that, it has become a huge part of our blogging and personal lives. Comfort food & place at it's finest. Can't wait for more branches to open! Thank you to my loves Erika and Denise!:)

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