This Is Our City, I Am Team Manila.

Working on my Day 2 Singapore post, but I'm not yet done sorting and editing photos. So for now, outfit photos from that day!:) When you're in another country, do you also have this urge to reprezent (yes, z talaga para mas feel) your hometown? I do. And I sometimes do it through the clothes I wear! There are a lot of Pinoys working in Singapore and I love how they light up and smile and chat with me of course, whenever they find out I'm also Pinoy. It's surprising coz I'm often mistaken as Viet or Thai. Weird. Photos!

 Team Manila shirt, Greenhills shorts, Mango cap

Romwe bag, Stylized Manila brown leather bracelet, Envy yellow wrap bracelet, Meister watch

SM Depstore sneakers

I wanted to wear a dress but I realized it might not be the best idea when you are to ride a roller coaster. So I went for the ever reliable shirt-shorts-sneakers combo:) Easy breezy covergirl lang. Haha. And the cap! It's best to bring a cap when you're going somewhere hot. So you can hide your sweaty bumbunan and still look fresh. Haha. And share ko lang that I bought my pink sneakers for just P250. Oha! Haha.

The shirt from Team Manila is from their men's collection. Got it in Large so I could also wear it as a mini dress. I want my shirts loose. I have a few more Team Manila pieces to post so abangan. You guys should check out their stores, lots of cool stuff talaga. Plus, they just launched their Andres Bonifacio designs!:)

That's it for now! Gotta sleep. Early pa tomorrow for ASAP. Hope you're all having an amazing weekend:) 


  1. wow! i really like the shirt!! black and white with cool text!! LOVE how you wore it :)

    czarina :)

  2. Amazing photos Ms. Aisa! I love your outfit as well. ^^

    Followed you via bloglovin and twitter! Have a great day! ^^


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