Tony & Jackey's Korean City Style Collection by L'oreal Professionnel

Was browsing through folders in my laptop when I saw photos from our hair transformation session weeks ago by Tony & Jackey, Makati c/o Loreal. Best in late post! Sareeeeh. Anyway, here it is finally! The best hair collaboration so far, Loreal Professionnel x Tony & Jackey's Korean City Style Collection! Read on why it's the best so far AAAAAND my big epic fail. Lol. Photos!

 The different Korean hair styles we were asked to try: Hong Dae, Gangnam and Busan!

Busan Style – An artsy, romantic, and Bohemian vibe Bubble Perm look inspired by the cultural and artistic city of Busan,.

Gangnam Style- a glamour chic see-through glam perm look that can easily blend into the trendy parts of the city that is inspired by the richest district in Seoul.

Hong Dae Style – a youthful and cute pop perm look inspired by the trendy and funky vibe of Hong Dae. Each trendy style is reflective of the district that has its own distinctive style, from clothes to hair to attitude that would best suit any type of Filipina and her personality.

The place was packed with bloggers when I got there. But they assigned someone agad to assist me and take care of my hair needs!:)

They shampooed my hair and then the owner and senior hairstylist assessed it. In the end they decided not to perm it coz of the extensive damage from all the hair coloring and perming it endured in the past. Break it to me gently pa drama nila. Love it. Nahiya ako. Haha! But I appreciate their honesty talaga. I love that they want to make sure one's hair is healthy and ready before they touch it. Good job!:) They were kind enough to give me advice and asked me to come back after 3 months after treatments. Can't wait to try their perming service soon! Saw amazing results from fellow bloggers nainggit ako!:)

 So they just offered treatment... 

 And then they offered to cut it to get rid of split ends:)

 They also styled it! Love! Styling was similar to my original hair style choice, Gangnam:)

 me with my favorite girls, Ava and Tracy, who both looked amazing! Ava chose Busan, Tracy chose Gangnam:)

 After our bonggang hair transformation, the pampering didn't end there! We were escorted to the makeup station c/o MAYBELLINE!

 All made up:)

 we love our hairs! and our makeup of course. :)

us with Tony & Jackey VP Mr. Sky!:)

 Treats were alse served. Yummy cupcakes by Baker Street!

 Loreal products you can buy from Tony & Jackey:)

 Thanks again Loreal and Tony & Jackey!:)

Of course, after perming you have to maintain your tresses. Use these products from L'oreal Professionnel to achieve amazing hair everyday!:)

Mythic Oil & Techni Art Full Volume Mousse, Techni.Art Playball Density Material, Techni.Art Crystal Gloss
(photo from Mikki Galang)

Mikki's Gangnam hair!!! Love it! Big bouncy curls. :)

If you want beautiful hair, go try the new Korean Hair Styles! Follow Loreal and Tony & Jackey for updates. :)

Bangs Tony & Jackey has continuously provided Filipinos with quality hair services with a Korean twist. Having 24 branches to date and being the number one Korean hair salon in the country, Bangs Tony & Jackey attributes its success and growth to their Korean-trained professional staff and continuous innovation of ways to understand the hair and scalp, like their digital mirror, a first in the world of beauty and hairstyling. With the advancements of technology, so is the hair care industry. Tony & Jackey have also come to move with times making them the perfect texture trendsetter to lead the launch of Korean City Style.

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