Wrangler Denim Spa Launch

You know how I love well thought out events, and this one is up there on my list! Wrangler invited a few bloggers and press people to their exclusive Denim Spa launch at *drumroll pls* The Spa (of course) and it was definitely one for the books. Love the set-up, presentation and the treatments we got after. No bull, but Wrangler made me rekindle my love for jeans. Here are photos from the launch!

lovely displays greeted us!

Show started as soon as I arrived. I think they were just waiting for me. Just kidding. Haha. So sexy the models!

love the Denim Spa logo embroidered on the jeans! They look so comfy too.

hello girlfriends! missed you! 

our blog babies Dani and Kyle!

This Spring/Summer 2013, Wrangler is on the move to intensify its core denim line through an innovation that speaks to the Wrangler woman—the Denim Spa. Carrying with it the brand’s long-standing icons that reflect its American heritage promising durability, quality and comfort, Wrangler pampers the fairer sex with jeans that take care of one’s legs while wearing them. Ang bongga ng innovation na to! Sino kaya nakaisip nito bigyan ko ng award.
 What is Denim Spa? (more detailed explanation hehe)

Denim Spa by Wrangler is the brand’s entry to the cosmetotextile industry and is an inventive addition to its range of women’s wear: with jeans energized by high-performing skin care ingredients, contained in microcapsules, which are then embedded in the fabric and activated on contact.  A host of natural oils, butters and vitamins, including antioxidants and even the French-Polynesian beauty secret, Monoi de Tahiti, strengthen this newest denim line, resulting to three different spa treatments—Olive Extract, Aloe Vera, and Smooth Legs. Niiice.
Before availing our spa treatments, Kookie and I first went on a Denim Spa tour. Different rooms were arranged and set-up to present each style from the collection. I super loved it! Very "Crystal Maze" ang feel. Hehe.  The brand's signature icons lives on as this collection also comes in 3  of their legendary fits -- low jeggings Alec, low skinny Molly, and low slim Jane Hip Up. Here are the different rooms!

Aloe Vera benefits from its eponym, the popular remedy with anti-inflammatory properties which aids in hydrating, nourishing and soothing sensitive skin. Aloe Vera is widely used in skin care products, and there’s a reason for that: it’s a total medicine for the skin! This variant comes in a perfect mid-blue finish and is rejuvenated by the uplifting scent of aloe vera detectable on the jeans.

love the wash of this pair! It's super soft too.

 Olive Extract, which comes in a light and summery blue wash, leaves skin toned thanks to the wonder hydrator, Squalene. Extracted solely from olives, this super oil is a natural moisturizer as it has a nearly identical structure to one of the common lipids found in skin. Once absorbed by the skin, it does a lot of helpful things: being an antioxidant, promoting cell growth, and performing as an antibacterial

Room where we can try on pieces from the collection!


The queen of the bunch, Smooth Legs comes in dark, sateen indigo, and contains proven anti-cellulite agents such as algae extracts, retinol and caffeine, which have been proven to lessen the appearance of ‘orange peel’ skin, improve skin texture and tighten pores into tiny little nothings. With all of these power agents working together, Smooth legs is a total skin treat in jean form.

And then it was spa time!!!

So of course, the forever stressed me chose the Aromatherapy Massage. I was escorted to my room.

The massage was so good I fell asleep! In fairness ha. After an hour it was all over. But I never felt so renewed and excited over a pair of jeans! Would definitely grab a pair.  Thanks Wrangler for inviting us to this amazing event!:)

By the way, Wrangler has an ongoing Denim Spa contest!!! One lucky girl/boy could win a P5,000 The Spa Gift Certificate. Click here to join: http://www.facebook.com/wranglerphil/app_128953167177144.

Denim Spa, already launched in the Philippines, is rousing its female market’s inner fun, bold and free-spirited Wrangler woman. As they get in touch with the enchantments of the outdoors, every Wrangler woman is now accompanied by high-performing jeans that make legs look great while wearing them, and even after taking them off.


  1. wow! these Denim Spa Wrangler jeans are sooo interesting!!! their jeans are constantly improving!!! LOVE to try a pair :)

    czarina :)

  2. Hello, dear. I'm one of the winner of your Romwe giveaway. I've done replied your email. Hope you read and reply my email? :)

  3. how much does a pair of denim spa jeans cost? :)


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