Spent my Sunday working and styling the whole day. Had a prenup shoot from 8am til 7pm plus ASAP which my assistant Carvey handled for me. So happy to have worked with Sir Aaron Ebio again plus the couple-- Estela & Lester-- were both nice and easy to work with. Hopped from one location to another just to achieve the pegs and photos they want. I want to give a shout out to my friend Patrick who gave us permission to shoot in his resto (Borough) for free. No questions asked. Thanks Pat owe you one!:) Will post photos soon but for now here's me and my outfit that day! Photos were taken at Gercon (Makati) tower's rooftop which the groom's family owns. Ang bongga lang! Obviously someone had too much fun posing and snapping (Mich). Lols.

Wrangler denim shirt, Sabrina paisley shorts, Forever 21 shades

Anagon Love necklace

Meister watch, I Am Girlie love bracelet and black bracelet, Envy yellow wrap bracelet

So Fab shoes

Wanted to wear something comfy and easy to move in, so I wore my new Sabrina shorts and trusty Wrangler denim shirt! Didn't want to wear flats coz heels make me feel more confident when working (a trade secret!), so I wore my orange wedges from So Fab. Gave me a little height plus it's extremely comfy. Also loving my new arm candies! Lakas makayaman. Heee.

Took us 30 minutes to finish shooting, because I got carried away doing weird poses. Mich almost peed in her pants from laughing too much! Okay I peed a little from laughing and moving too much. Wahehe!

nyahaha! andami ko pang kakatawanan shots pero d ko na ipopost ayoko majudge! haha!

Hope you enjoyed my snapshots of insanity. Lol. Here's a sneak peek into that day...

 Double rainbows. What a beautiful way to end our shoot:)

at Fully Booked, BGC. Love this location! 

Photos soon! Anyway, I have more giveaways to post so watch out for them! More blog posts today but heading out later for my Shulong display installation at ResToeRun Gateway Mall! So excited. If you happen to be in the vicinity, do drop by. Would love to chat. Hihi. Love you all!:)


  1. Bet ko photos mo today!!! Happiness lang! :D


    1. hehe thanks Channie! How are you by the way?:)))

  2. Never thought denim shirt would be perfect with those kind of shorts!!! LOVE it!! i like how you finished the whole outfit with those cute wedges!!! Adore!!

    excited to see the final photos :)

    czarina :)

    1. thanks Cza!!! i have utang pa sayo ha. cu very soon!!!:)

  3. I love your denim top! goes well with your orange pumps.

    XX, IamJenniya

  4. You're hilarious! The nice kind of hilarious. :)) I super love your denim top. Been dying to buy one kaya lang wala pang money. Summer eh. :)) I love your shoes too! The color is really perfect for summer and it really looks comfy to wear. :)
    Love your outfit. It brought out your confidence. :)


    1. its a staple! the denim top. as in sulit if you buy one:) thanks for your sweet comment!:)

  5. I agree with Czarina! Ma-try nga :) Hehe!


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