Civil Hollywood + Made My Own Havaianas!

I missed the Make Your Own Havaianas press event (had a shoot for BELO),  but Geiser & the Havaianas peeps were kind enough to reschedule me. Yey! It was my first time (virgin ba haha) and it was nothing short of awesome. Came back the next day with my whole family coz I wanted them to experience and join in the fun too! Photos!:)

 Civil Clothing LA shirt, Cotton On skirt & belt, I Am Girlie bracelets, Anagon "Pax" necklace, BU shoes

Love my new shirts from Civil Clothing LA! So rad noh? Got another one in camo. Camo. I've never worn camo. I guess I have to succumb to this trend after all. Watch out for that. Haha. Got this skirt on sale at Cotton On. One of my fab budget finds! From P1k+ P400 nalang. And thank you girlfriend Anagon for my fab necklace!!!:)

Photos from the MYOH event!
Willy Wonka's Tsinelas Factory. Wahehe.

glow in the dark Niche! hehe.

reunited with Shereen!!! Hehe hi girl missed you!

ran into Pabby (jear's cousin! Sinama na rin namin sa loob hehe.

 Slippers away! Corny ko haha

can't decide? you can do mock-ups here! Wheel of tsinelas fortune! cornyyy haha

waiting & happy to serve you!

happy to serve me, kath! hehe

 andami kong elves! thanks for helping me:)

i was super lost (being a first-timer) but they helped me decide. Here are my choices...na 2 pcs lng. Haha.

my power team! nakakainsecure din ang beauties nila. noh?  mejo nosebleed din. Shushal Havaianas assemblers!

parang nahirapan sila sakin! Haha.

my neighbor Pabby na 1 million years bago magdecide haha

her samples.

Final product!!! Nice;)

Cutefest team. Thanks guys!:)

my winning piece! haha charot. Pero aminin nio ang nice noh? Hihi kilig. They had an assortment of cute blings/pins which made it  harder to decide. Went for the bow para girl na girl. Haha.

 mine and Kelly Medina's pair!

Lissa, David and Seph were also there!
Lissa - Limited ed with red strap and angel wings

Absentee MYOH member Tracy's pair! White and gold slim

Seph & Trice's matching cutie cutie pairs

excited iinstagram! hehe

mah boylets. cuties David Guison and Seph Cham. Lakas makabenta noh?

cute setup!

 i made habol 2 more pairs for my sister who was in an important meeting nun but excused herself para magdictate sakin sa phone ng design. Mas important ang tsinelas sa trabaho. Haha.

our basket. d kami addict sa Havaianas! Haha.


Ran into Angela the next day!:)

after chika pose.

Can't wait for next year! Thanks Geiser and Havaianas:)



  1. good looking talaga ung nag.aassemble for Havs during MYOH even in Cebu!

    miss you dai! and those sandals talaga are super bagay on you:)


  2. aisa...aisa..aisa..

    you're the epitome of cool my friend.

  3. Next time, I want to go and make my own havaianas! :)

    New post is up!
    XX, IamJenniya

  4. wow nice!! LOVE the customized slippers!!! and tres Chic outfit as well Ms.Aisa!!! i really like the shirt and skirt :)

    czarina :)


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