Late Post: UNICA HIJA Style Guide

This has long been overdue (like my other posts duh haha) but better late than never ever! Felt motivated to edit photos last night. Heee. Anyway, I don't know if you ever noticed (hehe) but I was one of the Unica Hija bloggers last year. They asked me and Lissa to contribute to their Holiday Magalog issue and here are the rest of the photos! Posted the feature na before. I was asked to shoot, style and come up with different looks according to age and lifestyle. Shempre ako na nagpanggap na 20s. Pwede walang kokontra? Haha. Asked my sister and cousin to share the spotlight with me. Outfit post!

Unica Hija dress & cardigan, Asian Vogue shoes

That's the styling I did for the fun & easygoing 20s age bracket. Here's for 40s and then 30s:)
Sophisticated & accomplished 40s:)

Smart & classy 30s
Achieve naman ba? Hehe. Swak din sa personalities namin in fairness!

Played with the clothes some more! What do you think?

gossip girl ang peg?

My outfit #2
maka chair lang. Haha.

don't mind my pasa sa feet

my pretty sister

the assistant stylist Mich

I had no more time to do a location shoot (plus it rained boohoo) so we shot in our apartment nalang. I know the hallway looks like a hospice straight from a horror movie, but I swear it looks so much better now after they renovated. Haha.

fix fix

with Kenneth our photog!

sister and cousin. ganda ng background ah haha

sunset naaaa! aaaah!

Available in Unica Hija stores nationwide. Malamang wala na coz months ago pa to. Hahaha!

That's it! Hope you got a few styling tips from this post. Check out Unica Stores for classy and chic clothing pieces. Hugs & kisses!


  1. Chic outfits!!! LOVE the styling :)

    czarina :)

  2. mukha ka namang 20's paxie! ganyan talaga pag bagets looking parang tayo lang :D bright colors are so bagay sayo :D

  3. Carissa Osis5/16/2013 12:55 AM

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  4. I love it :-)

  5. congrats for the feature c cekaa! you're such an inspiration


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