The Cat, The Baby and Me

I should really sleep now, styling for ASAP later, but here I am still watching music videos and random weird ones, again! Tsk, tsk. Temptation island = Youtube. Lels. Anyway, came home late today. Feels like I spent my whole night in the car, which really happened by the way. Manila streets, especially MOA's, was such a bitch. Good thing I was with my equally crazy partner Mich who kept me sane and Magic 89.9's amazing playlist! I wasn't able to watch the Pyromusical competition though coz it was bumper to bumper even in front of MOA. We also had a hard time looking for a place to park. All in all, we wasted 4 hours driving around. Lol. Oh well. Here are photos from last weekend! Went to my ex-officemate's son's birthday party.:)

Chicnova sweater set top, Basic House pants, from Mich's mom leopard heels

cutest sweater ever! love that it has a denim shirt layered underneath. Buy from CHICNOVA!

Forever Wishes Online red wallet clutch

Aldo watch, Anagon travel bracelet, Pretty Little Blings bracelets

Photos from the party which also served as a mini reunion with my former officemates from Branders (who all worked for Robinsons din except for Lily haha). Missed you crazies!
 with the baby boy Matty and his proud parents Tin and Julius!

yes bagay

love the theme!

Lily, my partner in crime and forever Ortigas park date during my Branders days!

Branders' publishing team! hehe!

My (our team lead nun) with the bday boy!

came back 5x.  bwakaw lng. hahaha! sarap eh.

caption this. haha

Longest happy birthday game (na d nila gets, malamang very very little lng sila) with these cute kids!


saya nio guys ah

bring me game!

Cyan, why so grumpy. hehe.

draw your face game for the dads. kulit nitong game na to in fair! trippy much.

Missed you guys! Happy bday Matty baby!

and our little fashionista, Jana!

out of all the cute hats, she picked the leopard print one and held on to it like her life depended on it! Cuuute.


Photobooth pics! Don't judge me. Haha
half of the merchandising team + 1 engineering (si mich yun haha). Miss you Lily, Kathy, Baby Cris, My and Tin!

Had to leave agad coz had to do pullouts but it was still fun catching up with everyone. Also, can I just share, kami lang ni Mich walang dalang baby! Ako na ang baby. Baby damulag. Lols. That's it! More kwentos tomorrow!:)


  1. hi aisa. im your follower. hope you can also follow me.. by the way,you have a great blog...im at www.vogue-in-demand.blogspot.com

  2. LOVE your sweater Ms.Aisa!! the print is so cute!! perfect with a denim shirt underneath and those red pants!! chic outfit Ms.Aisa :)

    czarina --

  3. the kids are so cuuuuute and the kungfu panda frames, how precious hehe! Love your armswag :D

    Farah ♥

  4. i love the comobi.. I would really like to get colored pants na tlga hehe..

  5. thanks for wearing anagon! :) Hehe!


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