Country Girl

I've been driving alone for days now and I'm getting the hang of it! I love how I can now go anywhere (especially pullouts) and not deal with abusive cab drivers. Only downside are the chances of being in a car accident-- which happened to me a few days ago. Lol. Well, it didn't involve other cars but it did involve a gutter and a parking lot. Tanga much. Haha. I really felt bad after coz I semi-destroyed 1/4 of Chloe's bumper. My friends and relatives said it's part of the experience. Thanks guys ha, haha. Anyway, here's what I wore to a meeting, pullouts and reunion with Robinsons friends under sad circumstances.
Wrangler top & jeans, I am Girlie bangles, Timex watch, Flipsters ballet flats
Can I just say, this vintage top from Wrangler with detachable polka suspenders, is the cutest!!!:) Wish it was just a little longer though so I could tuck it in properly. But still, I love the print and fit:)

Love the fit and style of this white jeans, also from Wrangler!

Most comfortable ballet flats, I'm currently living in it, from Flipsters!

Anyway, as I've said, met up with Robinsons friends or our RDS kada. Hehe. We all went out to support our dear friend Kim and her family over their dad's passing. We love you Kim and rest in peace Tito.:)

me, Aimee (who works as a buyer for Watsons), Kitin (who's a buyer for Toys R' Us), Arianne (manager of a retail company), Jen, Aimee (buyer for Saizen), Kim (she recently designed a Mcdonalds store!),  Pats (buyer for a retail company), Mich and Joey girl (owner of Nail Boutique). So proud of these girls:) Love you!

Continued our chikahan at Starbucks afterwards where we came up with an exciting business venture! Haha. Sana matuloy. Anyway, gotta run na naman. Pullouts and a meeting today. Have a nice Monday!:) Will blog more later;)


  1. parang sa tapat yan ng zalora? parang lang. hehe

  2. Gorgeous, you always pull off everything perfectly :)

    Farah ♥

  3. babe bet na bet ko ang suspenders!! parang school boy lang!! amishu pax i hope i see you soon!!

  4. i'm loving your wrangler jeans Ms.Aisa!! they fit perfectly on you :) those polka dot suspenders add just enough touch, adorable!!!

    czarina :)


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