I feel like a kid now being tucked into bed by Peter Pan. Haha. I'm so sleepy from non-stop eating and watching TV. Drove around earlier with my sister, Mich, Mom and Dad to buy supplies and food. I'm living like a pig now, which rarely happens when I'm in Cubao (apartment). Important event tomorrow! Our adopted baby John Dave (read my 2008 post about him HERE) is finally being Christened and I'm one of the Ninangs. He's now 13 years old.:) How time flies! Anyway, here's what I wore to my Lolo's birthday yesterday:)

Was dancing to Daylight by Maroon 5! Haha. Thanks Mich for the stolen shot. Ganyan ako kabaliw. Haha.
Trunkshow romper, Wrangler blazer, Pretty Little Blings necklace, Primadonna shoes

the only gray blazer I have, from Wrangler! Love that it's lightweight so I can wear it even  in this Manila heat.

Got a lot of compliments coz of this romper! So perfect for summer. Been investing in rompers now coz it's so easy to style and wear.

lakas makayaman necklace from Pretty Little Blings...for just P180!!! Affordable accs. Love it.

And of course my favorite shoes from Primadonna. Well, you know why!

Random: Everyone in the house is playing Candy Crush! Too funny. My dad's still addicted to Koreanovelas. My brother's bonding with Satu our shihtzu who peed on our bed. Lols. I badly need a shower, I feel so sticky from this unbearable Manila heat! Will be sharing with you guys my Videofy Me videos soon! Still trying to figure out this app and how to edit and add music. I'm also looking for airline promo fares! Planning our family trip this July. Rushing to leave soon coz of my brother's eye ailment which may result to semi blindness. :( Okay gotta go, my sister's calling me na! We're cooking tuyo and sapsap for midnight snack haha.  What have you been up to?:) Share! Love you all!


  1. I love your shorts and necklace!

    Gorgeous outfit!


  2. i love your ootd aisa! and yes, accessories need not be expensive lol! actually 140 php lang siya, haha!

    thank you for always linking back to my fb page! *mwah*

  3. that Wrangler blazer is amazing!! perfect for any outfit I guess. LOVE the romper, it's indeed perfect for summer!! the print is gorgeous :)))

    czarina :)

  4. I love reading your blog. Written, and it is very easy to understand. Unlike more blogs I read are really not good. I also found your post very interesting. In fact, after reading, I had to show it to my friend and he enjoyed it too!


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