Hello my loves! Where are you guys now? I hope you're all with your loved ones, enjoying these few days off from work and school but never forgetting what this season is really about, HIM. :) Anyway, I'm now in Marikina, blogging on my parent's sofa while watching Silver Linings Playbook and munching on Burger Machine chili burger & sansrival. This is the life. Haha. So here's what I wore to a family gathering yesterday. 

Ralph Lauren thrifted sweater, Wardrobe Check jacket, Pretty Little Blings necklace, Wrangler pantsBerry Lush nude pumps

Everyone should at least own 1 pair of white pants or jeans! Love this one from Wrangler.

My first printed bomber jacket! Hehe. Thanks Winnie of Wardrobe Check for this 80s inspired style. You know me too well hihi.

Nude pumps goes well with everything!

Still thinking of more ways to style this wonderful pants. Hit me up with your ideas!:) Anyway, back to random ramblings....

I'm currently working on an exciting project and feature for successful app and their makers, Videofyme! I, together with other people all over the world, was asked to create a "7 days in my life" video which will be featured online and will be used as sample when the app officially launches. I'm really excited coz this is kinda new to me. Can't wait to show you guys what I come up with! This app is already available on itunes and google play, so it would be amazing if you could check it out. Some bloggers have turned to outfit videos and they're really good. Try it! 

Will be posting more blog entries tomorrow, but for now have to recharge by sleeping. But before that, time for some way-past-midnight snacks! Heee. Take care everyone! Praying for all of you. Happy Good Friday:)


  1. Ah!! I just saw a 7 days 7 stories video from Lua of Le Happy! :) Excited to see yours naman. Congratulations! :)

    x Megann / STYLE SURGERY

  2. wow!! i think this would be my fave outfit so far :) LOVE the bomber jacket, the colors and print are rad!! paired with a black sweater and white jeans, perfect!! i really like this outfit Ms.Aisa!!

    btw, that app is interesting! i wonder what you came up with :)))

    czarina :)


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