Maldita Studio Salon Review

I've tried and tested a LOT of salons. If you backread my blog you would be able to read some of my experiences and reviews. I'm such a sucker for salon treatments, it's my mini vacation close to home. I'm sure most of you would agree when I say each session gives us a certain confidence and joy, like we're more ready to face the world. I don't want to sound superficial but it does help and uplift, believe me. With this being said, you wouldn't want to entrust your happiness to some lame excuse of a salon noh? Don't get me wrong, I loved all the salons I've tried-- well, except for some really bad ones which I wouldn't name. I also give honest reviews (you know that!). It's safe to say that MALDITA Studio Salon is by far the best I've been to and experienced so far. If I only have overflowing funds for maintenance then I wouldn't switch na, ever. But of course, top quality service equates to a little above average price chart. But I swear, it's all worth it! Here are photos:

 love that it's spacious! can you see Tin and Sarah? Hehe

My area. Love that  it's well lighted and the minimalist design! I'm a sucker for black/white combo

Senior hairstylist Lhem doing a thorough checkup of my hair.

more more checking! 

After almost 10 minutes of assessment, he finally decided to just give my hair a gloss treatment. I love how he doesn't sugarcoat and is direct to the point. In summary, he said my hair needs a break and asked me to just let it heal for a while from all the coloring and perming which has turned my hair into dinosaur. Haha. It was exactly what I needed to hear. So far, up until now, results have been great. So thank you Lhem!:)

food and drinks from Mango Tree Bistro. Yum!

Price List!

Hello fellow Malditas. Hehe. 

 love my new hair!

The treatment lasted for about an hour. I love how soft and manageable my hair felt after! Also availed their mani/pedi and eyebrow threading services. Loved it!:)

they have Gel polish!

like a boss. hehe

my favorite shade: Tan or is this beige? hehe

thanks sir!


so tidy and neat

they use Orly!

shampoo area

VIP room if you want some privacy!

another area (so spacious noh?)

Loreal products being sold

reception area. so cozy!

thank you Maldita Studio for making us feel beautiful inside and out!

Sarah, Tin and I all agreed this must be the best salon experience we've had so far. Great ambiance, interiors, services and service! All topnotch and extremely professional. We can't wait to go back!:)

Visit them:
Ground Floor of Rosemont Tower, Panay Avenue, Quezon City.

Contact them:
For inquiries and reservation, call 09277366943 and 09228860466. 
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  1. LOVE the overall ambiance of the salon! the simple interiors and black-and-white combo :)

    your hair looks so soft and healthy :)

    paint it stripes


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