Package Deal

It's been quite a while since my last "What's In The Mail" post! Been uploading photos and sending thank yous individually via twitter, fb or instagram. So here's a more detailed one! Shiny, pretty, new things sent and bought this month and the last. :) A warm thank you to all of you who continue to love and support this blog. We (yes may sariling buhay blog ko haha) love you back three-fold. :)

emerald green highwaist swimsuit from CESA! Love the envelope bag as packaging!

 sweet:) Thanks Chaley!

 L'oreal Ever Strong hair set

 plus Anti Hair Fall Shampoo & Conditioner set! Using them alternately and I love how it makes my hair softer and stronger!:) Thanks L'oreal:)

pretty clutches from Forever Wishes Online!

contact them here:)

Lifetime supply of Nice Day Coffee! (hehe joke lng) Love the variance!

And also lifetime supply of Glutamax! (joke again but so many!)

 summer shorts from Kyra Nichole!

New Spongecola album! Thanks Karylle for this. Hihi.

and new books from @ebooksforsale (follow them on instagram!)

love this dress and skirt from Desino Dulce!!! Thanks Dianne!

pretty clothes all from Lovelace!

can't wait to wear these! Thanks Veva DeeLuxe!:)

wardrobe staples from Basic House! Visit their Greenhills store!

this one I bought! from Backstage,2nd floor Serendra. Cute no???? hehe.They have so many cute stuff from different brands and designers!

That's it for now. Will post more soon and will feature the items above on my future posts. Abangan!:)


  1. wow so many nice things! great post :)

  2. wow! lucky you! so many nice clothes! :O

  3. wow! nice gifts and finds..


  4. amazing clothes Ms.Aisa!! i LOVE the emerald green swimsuit and those summer shorts!!!

    czarina :)

  5. Ganda naman ng clothes! love it!

  6. Hi Aisa!

    These are great stuff. I really love those 2-piece swim suit and those clothes with kaleidoscope prints!

    Anyway, I'm reviving my blog. Please don't forget to check it. http://studdedbliss.blogspot.com



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