City of Blinding Lights

Not sure if you've seen me rant on twitter and instagram last weekend, but I was so stressed over the bumper to bumper traffic last Saturday which resulted in me missing the VIP Pyromusical show at SM MOA. As in we were literally stuck in the car for almost 4 hours. It's a good thing I could entertain myself very well (diva divahan sa pagkanta, candy crush, twitter, instagram, goofing around), so the 4 hours became bearable. Haha. At least Ana got to watch the show for Mich and I. Okay nako dun! Hehe. So if you're gonna watch the show this weekend (Philippines is on!), I suggest you head to MOA 3 pm palang even if the show starts at 7pm. Swear. Sayang ang outfit, wasn't able to make rampa, but this is what I wore!

Wrangler denim top, Basic House striped skirt, Primadonna neon wedges

I know I have a gazillion (joke, mga 6 lang naman hehe) denim/chambray shirts na but this one from Wrangler I can't pass! Too cute with the white pipings. The design made it vintagey and girly. It's super soft too. I could honestly say it's one of my wardrobe staples!

I finally found the perfect nautical striped skirt and it's from Basic House! It's the only one I have. Hehe. I'm so drawn to stripes lately. Well, more lately, been forever drawn to them naman also polka dots. Hehe. 

Wore neon wedges for that pop of color and unexpected edginess! May ganun? Haha. But you get my point. Love this pair from Primadonna:)

Wanted to wear something nautical-ish coz I expected a fun night by the bay. I wasn't even able to show off this outfit to anyone but Mich and some strangers in Petron near MOA. Haha. But I love it! And I'll style the pieces some other way naman soon. :) Anyway, here are beautiful photos taken by my loves Ana during the Pyromusical show. It's China vs. Australia!:)

Wish I was there, it would have been magical. But watching from afar at a parking lot was good enough na din:)

Thank you SM MOA for the tickets! Sorry if I wasn't able to use it though. Next time promise!:)) Posting giveaways later. Don't forget to join! Hope you're all doing great. I miss you all! Hope I still make you smile with my posts! Sharing work stuff next.:) Goodnighty!

P.S. Have you joined Wrangler's big summer giveaway?

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  1. in line with the moa pyro and the W wrangler contest, feel mo pede ko kaya isali to? :D - http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-e-yAqW9vSa0/UUX_6sD337I/AAAAAAAAphI/RCn2U0vLhi0/s1600/IMG_0979.JPG Hahahaha!
    Ikaw na yung isa sa isasama kong friends, fosho! ;D Lol

  2. Love the outfit, nice photos!!!


  3. that stripe skirt is fab and i can't get enough of those wrangler pieces!

    czarina :)


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