Sagada Day 1: Banaue + Inkkas

Hello from the ghost town that is Sagada! It's almost 12:30am and people here, apparently, sleep before 10pm. So eto solo ko na ang wifi! Scarcity na naman tomorrow. Lols. Just wanted to post a quick blog entry. Signing out in a few, early call time tomorrow, I mean later! Hiking at 7am. Gaaah. My body still feels like it had been hit by a mini bus from all the stretching and climbing and swimming (went caving/spelunking) we did earlier. Wait for that post! Promise, epic our pics. Haha. Anyway, here's what I wore today plus some photos:)

Thrifted leather jacket, Promod sweater, Bubbles shorts, Inkkas aztec sneakers

new Bubbles shorts, new favorite! Love the fit and the length is just right for me:)

Kawaii Kringles wrap charm bracelets

This gorgeous pair of sneaks from Inkkas came a few hours before we left for Sagada. I don't know why, but I felt that I just had to bring it. Thought it'd be perfect to wear and shoot in Sagada. Db? It actually screams of the place! Hehe. Will make a separate post about Inkkas soon. Love the brand and their advocacy!:) 

So, the YOLO group decided to travel to Sagada this time! Joined a tour group (c/o Tracy)   for just P3,800 per person. Cheap na db?! It includes transpo, accommodation and tours na. Super worth it! After 8 hours on the road, we stopped at Banaue for breakfast:)

breakfast at Banaue!

view from our table, niiice. nagtalo pa kami if ito na ba yung rice terraces. lol!

food was okay lng

After feeling sorry for ourselves thinking that's not the Banaue Rice Terraces we envisioned...

...eto naman pala eh! Ito ang legit! It's breathtaking. Haaay:))

legit nga. hi po manong.:)

nilevelan ko naman sha hehe

happy kids

love you girls! my travel buddies!


ano kaya meron sa souvenir shop, bat sila tawang tawa?

Two hours later after leaving Banaue...
hello to our Sagada home!

our beds

another tour mate's bed.

love the place! poor wifi and super small CR nga lng pero keri.

Will post our caving/spelunking pics next. Super epic, you shouldn't miss it. Hehe. Gotta sleep! Love you all. Oh, watch ASAP tomorrow! Styling Ms. ZsaZsa and Zia even if I'm miles away! Hehe. Ciao:)


  1. Ibang klase talaga ang view! Astig din yung shoes mo.. hehehe

  2. Hi Aisa! I literally gasped when I saw your Inkkas pair! <3 I've been stalking their site for a while now since all I can do is just spazz at all their pretty sneakers! haha you're so luckyyy! :) I love your outfit in Sagada, really chic! :)

  3. hay new follower love the blog ;)

  4. Eine schöne Reportage. Ihr seid so süss.

  5. Omg! I so love your shoes! Saw and met you at Life dance pala miss Aisa. Yer so nice! :) <3

  6. Sarap nyo namang tingnan pag nagtratravel! Fashyown pa rin! Lovet!


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