NESCAFE Gold 3in1 x Deal Dozen!

To all coffee lovers out there, here’s awesome news for you! To my sister Anagon, hope you’re reading this. :P

There’s a new coffee in town that’s sure to awaken your sleepy senses with its rich aroma and flavor. Nescafe recently introduced their new premium product, NESCAFE GOLD 3in1! It’s the only premium instant coffee that offers 3-in-1. NESCAFE GOLD 3in1 is available in all your favorite convenient stores and supermarkets so you could savor premium coffee anytime, anywhere!:) 

With this news, is another exciting offer! You could have a taste of their new product through NESCAFE “Gold Picks”. They’ve partnered with popular online shopping sites so you could sample their new premium coffee for free! Are you a fan of group buying sites like me? Are you a fan of Deal Dozen? If you are then don’t miss this promo! Here’s how:


1. Go to www.dealdozen.com and buy any item that has the NESCAFE GOLD 3in1 ribbon around the deal.

2. The deal should be a tangible item that can be delivered to you. The delivery will be free of charges c/o Deal Dozen.

3. Upon the free delivery of your transaction (regardless of number of items), you automatically get a FREE NESCAFE GOLD 3in1 doypack together with the item you purchased.

 It’s that easy to shop and enjoy your coffee! Happy shopping!


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