Have You Seen Bart?

Hello, hello! How are you coping on this hot Thursday afternoon? Hehe. I can really feel summer na. Ang jineeet!!! Anyway, I'm currently rushing to finish this post, as usual. Haha. Meetings, events and a get together with college friends starting in an hour.  Gaaah.  Sana kayanin ng unkempt kilay ko this day. Haha! Will blog more photos from our Sagada trip last weekend, but for now here's another outfit post from the mountains! Featuring my bidang Bart Simpson denim shirt from Romwe!:)

 ROMWE bart simpson shirt, Thrifted sweater, Meister watch, Wrangler jeans, Inkkas sneakers

Super love my new Wrangler jeans. Love the wash and the fit! It's perfect for long trips since the material is super soft and it's stretch. Comfort at it's best.

And how cute is my new denim shirt??? Double win since I'm obsessed with The Simpsons series, and of course you already know how I collect denim shirts. Hihi.  Anyway, I grew up watching The Simpsons, reminds me of my happy childhood. :) I fondly remember how I used to spend hours and hours playing a Simpsons computer game. I love Bart!!!:)

Pretty arm candies from Pretty Little Blings:)

and my wicked kicks from INKKAS! Bagay lang sa setting! Hehe.

The owner of the Sagada Weaving store called me out when he saw my shoes. He asked me where I bought it, he loved it! He even said the design is very South America, which is really the case. The sneaker's material is from there:) Cute lang how he said he suddenly got inspired coz of my shoes. Hihi.

Will post photos from this day later. But now, I have to run! Who's going to the American Eagle event later? See you!:)


  1. Hehe I wish I could say the same about the heat! I'm freezing hehe! But anyways your Bart shirt is dope!

  2. Bbbbbbbaaaaaarrrrrttttt!!!! :))))

  3. Haha, that shirt is so cool but I think the shoes steal the show! So colorful, I love them!

    xx FRESHFIZZLE.com

  4. that jacket is the coolest!!! LOVE it Ms.Aisa!!!

    czarina :)

  5. Love your bracelets.

    The Unabashed Feminist


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