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I am 2 days behind my Wrangler posts! Gaaaah. So I'm posting 2 entries consecutively, on how I styled my favorite Wrangler pieces! Am literally forcing myself to finish this post and doing my best to stay awake til I do so. Haha. Got home 2 hours ago from an extremely long and tiring day. Was out for 15 hours just doing errands, pullouts and then a movie premiere. I'm so sleepy and tireeeed. Anyway, took today (and all my lakads) as an opportunity to wear my remaining Wrangler pieces and shoot them too! Here's the 1st one!:)

 Baguio cardigan, Romwe floral top, Wrangler jeans, Aldo watch, Primadonna shoes

Wore this during pullouts. Had to look casual yet professional, chill yet reliable. Ayan! Haha. Mich summarized this look in one word: LIBRARIAN. Haha. And then of course, had to wear my Wrangler jeans na naman coz it's the comfiest pair I have! After styling it in other ways -- androgynous casual & quirky grunge--preppy naman!:) Also love this floral sheer shirt from Romwe. I already disposed some of my floral shirts but this one I will keep forever! Love the shushal color and print. It's also perfect with my P200 cardigan from Baguio!

And that ends my Saturday look #1, posting another look in a few minutes! :)

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