Bye Bye Sagada + Be Bitko

Still waiting for some of our Sagada photos from Tracy and Ana, so for the meantime I'm posting some snaps from our journey home. I'm also in a hurry coz I have to bathe and leave in a bit (Flipster event! Spa party with Primer woot), so I'll make this quick. Hihi.

Baguio cardigan, Mango top, Be Bitko shorts, Converse sneakers

Anagon Collection travel and infinity bracelet, Pretty Little  Blings bracelet

I know our journey back to the city would take forever, so I wore something comfy and functional, my new Be Bitko shorts with attached pouch!!! Love the color, style and fit too.
  So..what's in my pouch??? Haw Haw, Cloud 9 and hair elastics! Hihi
 magandang lagayan ng snacks or candies for the patay gutoms like me. hihi

it's also detachable!!!! bonggaaa


Sorry for the haggardness, was sick the night before. Hihi.  Anyway, here are photos from our long trip home:)


Had a quick stopover at Baguio to buy more pasalubongs...
ate sweet corn and strawberry ice cream for snacks. Saraaaap.

fresh lettuce. yum.

Posting more later. Have to go now na gaaaah!:) Love you all!


  1. the view is indeed breathtaking!!! and those strawberries look so yummy!

    czarina :)

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  3. Did you try the strawberry ice cream? I did and it was salty (which I hope is because of the salt they used to keep the ice cream cold). hehe.

    I love reading about your travels! I feel like I'm travelling with you. Ang feeling lang.

    keep up the cool! <3


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