Take a Walk

I take simple joy in walking alone (given it's not scorching hot, breeze is cool and it's totally not happening in Divisoria or Aurora Boulevard), one tile, one stride, one brick at a time. If you ever see me walking alone smiling, don't think I've gone cray-cray. Haha! It's just one of my favorite things (#1 is listening to an awesome playlist while cruising the expressway). It's during those moments when I realize how beautiful my borrowed life is, with all the good and the bad. In this dog-eat-dog world, I find time to appreciate simple things and dwell in His awesomeness-- through a sudden cool breeze, falling leaves, painted clouds, sunrise, sunsets. Anyway, here are outfit photos from one afternoon I took a stroll:)

Sexy White Shirt gray tee, Mango jacket,SM Parisian leopard oxfords
Bead Shop travel bracelet, Forgot where the yellow bracelet is from (pls message me so I can credit!

my favorite Wrangler pants
Nick Automatic sunglasses (abangan!!!)

No explanation re my outfit really. As usual, pullout day, so wanted to wear something I can easily move or run in. Wore my lakas makayaman Mango blazer to make me look business-y naman. Hehe.  

hello Niche! hehe

Speaking of appreciation, here are some gifts I got this week... Thank you so so so much!

my own ENJOY Philippines kit!!! Thanks ARC!

fab bags from AVON

bonggang packaging and new product from from NIVEA. Thanks Mikki! Excited to use this!

artsy new overnight bag from HEDGREN! Ang niiice! Thanks Drew:)

Kinilig ako dito. I'm a loyal user of this petroleum jelly (for my chapped lips, as makeup remover, etc. lols). Thanks Neb of Apollo!

summer is here! necklaces from SP Closet. Thanks Bing!

Invite for BYS event on Feb! Bongga! Love it!!:) Can't wait to use these.

That's it for now! Love you all!


  1. the jacket looks so good with your jeans Ms.Aisa!!! the outfit is chic as always :)

  2. I love the jacket Pax! :)


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