Cebu / Sinulog Escapade Day 3: Le Maison Rose + Sonic Boom!

This is my 4th blog post today! Woot. I'm on a rolllll. Decided to just stay in today and work on blog posts, articles and emails since I'd be out the whole day tomorrow. So here's the other half of my Cebu Day 3 post. After our beach trip, we all decided to rest for a few hours before meeting up again at night. Here are photos from Ana's birthday dinner at Le Maison Rose (The Pinkhouse Restaurant) and the Sonic Boom event sponsored by Nick Automatic after!:)

Before anything else, Mich gave us a very brief history about this fairly new resto. "Mich: Ooooh, this was an old haunted house we used to be scared of when I was still a student! Whenever we walk to UP (Cebu) we pass by this place and it always, always gave us the creeps." And that's the brief history. Thanks ha! Hahaha. Well, I love how they revived it though! Super. Duper. Liiiiike. The interior was breathtaking. Explored it as soon as I entered!

sino kaya silaaaa

Our favorite part of the house! The veranda. So pretty.
then Niche arrived! parang naglips to lips sila ni Ana dito. Hihi. Thanks Niche for the reservation!!!

prenup??? hahaha

We can't just stay at the balcony forever so after taking a few more snaps we all headed inside to finally eat!

super appetizer! Truffle, Gruyere and Caviar

bread na pinapak ko ng todo with butter of course (na I thought was a candle!) haha

very shushal ordering system

db??? high tech!

super aliw

Presenting, our orders!
Goat Cheese Salad - everyone loved it except me:( Too bitter for me! Booo me. Hehe

Wild Tofu! Ordered by Ana:)

Fish Papillotte.. taray the name

Niche and I ordered their black pepper steak. Loved it but I couldn't finish. Serving was too big for me. Hehe

Pesto pasta for Aie!

we also ordered wine for the birthday girl!!! They have quite a selection. Love it!

Cheers to our favorite girl, Ana!:))

Paul surprised the birthday girl with a cake!

we love yooou!

tres marias.. the chill girls!

the gang! naks so fancy namaaan

make a wish!

Happy Birthday Ana!!!

To break it down, here are the top 10 reasons why you should call and book a reservation at Le Maison Rose...

1.) It's an authentic French resto with 2 in-house French chefs. Oha. Kaya pala when I asked for ketchup for my steak, Niche panicked coz it might offend the chef daw. Haha.

2.) The whole set-up, the interiors, the ambiance is amazing.

3.) Perfect for dinner dates. Sure ako sasagutin ka ng nililigawan mo dito. Haha.

4.) It's like being brought back to the 40's-50's. With their American-Indochina decors and all.

5.) The top floor is actually a French school. Couldn't be more legit than that.

6.) Servers are in french maid costumes and speaks AMAZING english. They can do British, French, any other accents you can think of. We heard it and we were astounded. Astig!

7.) Mas okay that you come in vintage clothes when you dine here para mas feel! I'll do that next time.

8.) They have WIFI, so yes you could Instagram your heart away. Hee.
9.) Generous servings for the price.
10.) Easy to locate, it's along Gorordo street lang!

After 3 bottles of wine, we decided to go na to Niche's Sonic Boom event. More fun!
Mich scored this new shirt from Nick! Ang gandaaa!

I love Tracy coz she's one of the few people I know who loves Pinoy rock bands!!! Love you girl!

Nick Automatic's Nicolo and Niche!

line of the night, "We're so flexible! Kahapon trance, now naman rock!" LOL

Power Spoonz! Kayo naaa. hehe


Tracy with Ria Bautista of Paramita! We love her!

group pic!

with Reg of Greyhoundz! Been a fan since I was in HS!

the girls with our favorite, the sweetest and nicest Josh Alipe of Sirens! Hi bebe Josh!

hehe cute!

ang bidang cake. bow. haha

Okay, Day 4 naman next, Sinulog day!!!:)

Le Maision Rose is located at:
#371 Gorordo Avenue Lahug, Cebu City (right side of the Mormon’s Temple, when facing the temple)
Tel. No.: 032-2685411
Time: Open Everyday from 12nn to 3pm for lunch,  6:30pm to 1:00am for dinner

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