Get Wired: Anagon's New Designs!

I am so proud of my blog sister/bff Ana and how far her quaint little (that's not so little anymore) business has now come!:) Even Shay Mitchell (hollywood actress who plays Emily in the successful TV Series Pretty Little Liars) loved it, that she took home several pieces last Bloggers United Bazaar and even featured it on her blog!:) Ana took a hiatus for quite some time but now she's back with a vengeance. Vengeance served extra sweet by the many amazing pieces she crafts. Take a peek see and ORDER NOW.:)

Ana can customize any (basta makatao ha! hehe) design you want. Just send her a peg and let her do her magic for 2-7 days.:) So go na. Click here and get your shop on!:)


  1. was here visiting sis :D everything deserves a compliment! very nice!


  2. bonggels na talaga si ana!

  3. natawa naman ako sa makatao haah!:))


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