Where the Wild Things Are

Had a year-ender party/dinner/game night with my closest blog friends 2 days before welcoming 2013. We wanted to celebrate the great year we all had and the epicness that is 2012 by having a simple get together at Sarah's house. I realized that we now hang out more outside events. Always fun, always a riot. Here are photos! 

The gang assembled in Greenhills, had a quick merienda, visited Basic House, then had a camwhoring sesh at this nice corner near Krispy Kreme. Perfect for outfit shots! After numerous text messages from Sarah and Niche, we decided to report for tambay duty na...

Tracy is scared of dogs! She even made a shield out of throw pillows. Haha

While half of the gang unleashed their inner Bobby Flay or Wolfgang Puck, we (namely Ana, Tracy and Aie) just passed time playing with Chewey, dancing and drinking. Hihi. Tamad much.

even Papa D helped by prepping the Dear Darla pizza! While we stared...

..and danced...

...and took photos!

tambay mode

d po ako lasengga promise

And then... DINNER at last!!!

galit galit muna. 

Sarah cooked some wine reduction pasta and Paul cooked egplant parmigniana and roast chicken-- SO GOOD!!! In fairness, I finished everything on my plate!:) Pwede kayo magluto everyday guys? Hehe.

our way of pambawi sa yummy dinner, Ana and I washed the dishes! Sosy Problems style! Hahaha. Parang standup comedy lng.

Monopoly after dinner!

after an hour, we decided to end it nalang..it seems to go on forever!

we then switched to The Beer Game. Wild game! Haha. Si Niche yan nagpu2shup. Required sa nabunot niang card. Hahaha.

We played Killer-Healer as our game finale. I used to play it with my childhood friends and cousins. It's so much fun!!! In summary, depending on the card you picked in secret, there would be a killer, healer, police and civilans in the group. It's the role of the police to catch the killer before he/she kills everyone in the circle (just by winking). Basta yun! Haha. After ilang games ayaw pa paawat!

imitating poses from the Poses book

Happy New Year take 1 (take 2,3,4 also)-- FAIL

Finally! Happy New Year from us!:))

Love you all!:)


  1. Ang cute naman! So nice to see bloggers united. :P

  2. love this post! you guys had so much fun! :) Happy New Year! :)


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