Special Day, Special Dress.

Something very special happened the other day, so of course I had to wear my special dress. It was a last minute thing but I feel so blessed and overjoyed to have been part of something life changing and beautiful. If you don't know what I'm talking about then keep on reading! Hehe. But first here's what I wore:)

(photos by Carlo)
Marc Jacobs via Ebay dress, Vintage Liz Claiborne bag, Trunkshow heels

I would never buy a Marc Jacobs dress straight from the store racks. Maybe I will, when I'm earning more than enough to pay for my kasing taas ng payatas bills (Globe, 2 insurances,credit card, apartment, etc). That's why I'm so thankful there's Ebay!!! I have been a loyal customer since 2004. Grabe noh?! I have scored quite a number of good deals from there and also sold a lot when my ebay shop was still operational. I love love love Ebay. And that is where I got this pretty dress... for exactly P815. P815!!!! It's in mint condition (even if it's preloved), authentic and it's perfectly my size. Thank you shopping gods. Haha. The shoes on the other hand is a new find from Trunkshow. It's surprisingly comfy (which is rather unusual for this shoe style) and the heel height works for me. Love the color combination too! 

Anyway, without further ado, here's the special occasion I was talking about! Our longtime blog friend and baby Ava married her long time partner Gersh (who we all love) in a civil ceremony at the Pasay City Hall last Friday. Ana and I stood as witnesses to this special inevitable union. So honored. We love you guys!:)

bride and groom color coordinated! and both wore turquoise.:)

radiant bride! her headpiece was made by Ana:)

ang pangangaral ni judge hehe

Ava's family 

Athan was beaming!

we all gave messages to the bride and groom, pero naiyak naman kami sa message ni mommy! Awww:)

contract signing, this is really is it!

overjoyed ninangs!

Pax after signing page 1: Ana ikaw na!, Judge: excuse me apat dapat, 4 pages yan. Pax: Ay, sorry po madame judge. (comedy forever haha)

Mabuhay ang bagong kasal! Woot.

congratulations to the baby who's now a misis, Ava:) bonding soon!:)

class picture! Congratulations again to Ava and Gersh!

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love. And sana a little Ava fashionista, not soon, but in the future!:) Hehe. More kwentos below....

Ate lunch with Ana at A.Venue before meeting up with Bjorn at Greenbelt for a quick street style shoot. Ana had an appointment at Pink Parlour A.Venue (their new branch!) and I nearly caved into subjecting myself to their famous Brazilian Waxing Service, but it takes 30 minutes and they only had 1 available attendant. Decided to just take the challenge for later coz I don't want to be late for my 3pm meeting with Miel Villamor (who previously works for Mega) re her new online shop. Maybe after Sinulog!:) Let's see:) 

contemplating brazilian wax, hahaha yes.

Before meeting up with Bjorn, saw these 2 very very fasyon guys! Spent some time making chika with them and asked Carlo to take my outfit shots. Hihi. Thanks Carlo!!!:) Took their outfit shots too:) Keri na ba? Haha

Speaking of Miel's new online shop, here it is! Warning: Highly addictive!

O db ang daldal ko. Haha. That's iiiit! 3 days til Cebu! So psyched. We're gonna rock iiiiit. Haha. If you're from there or you're there, let's meet up Friday, January 18! We're meeting up with Cebu blogger loves and we would love to meet you too:) Just comment below or email me:) See you!!!:)


  1. I love your dress. So girly.


  2. thank you girl!!:) and wow super favorite ko marc jacobs!! love your dress! mag ebay na rin kya ako?? biro mo 815!! lovet!!

  3. ang cute mo Ms. Pax!vintagey parin ang looks!:)looking forward pag'ikaw naman ang ikakasal..:)

  4. What a special dress indeed.
    Ang ganda ganda ng details pati color, bongga!
    You look so pretty in it dear :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES

  5. Love the dress! It looks really good on you! :)

    xoxo Raffi

  6. Sana makita kita dito sa Cebu. Nung andyan ako sa Manila, I haven't got the chance to meet you personally, hope to see you soon here in Cebu. Hindi naman ako known na fashion blogger dito sa Cebu, my humble blog is just simple lng din. Pero I'm looking forward to meet fashion bloggers who share the same interest. =)

    Here's my email: candy_ytal@yahoo.com

  7. love that dress! you look so fab! and that headpiece Ava is wearing is gorgeous :) Congrats to Ava! :)

  8. i love your dress! and i really am happy for ava!


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