Weekend Fun at Enchanted Kingdom!

Good job Pax (thaaat's meee! wahehe) for posting this as quickly as that brown fox that jumped over the lazy dog. Heee. Just got a home a few hours ago from an awesome weekend with some blogger friends! Decided to work on this post agad coz I want to share with you the fun we had yesterday and also because I want to show you what I wore. These are photos from my cam, more photos and videos soon!:)

Giordano top and shorts, Le Papillon necklace, Uncut Couture black bracelet, Anagon cat ears headband

Christian Siriano for Payless purse

Anagon skull bracelet, Seraphim paris charm bracelet

Keds sneakers 

So I told them peg ko si Taylor Swift, but then I remember how I've been wearing this themed ensemble for the longest time... and how I've had this pair of red Keds since December of last year (yes, 2011)! So yes, nauna ako kay Taylor Swift. Wahehe. Anyway, the top and bottom were treasures I dug out from Giordano's recently concluded sale event. I loveeee them! That ends my outfit explanation hehe. 

Let's now proceed with our Enchanted Kingdom tour!

So we got there at half past 4. Late naaaa! We didn't really expect or anticipate the massive crowd (as in andun ata buong Pilipinas!), so we were chillin' like a villain with matching nuninuninu on our way there not minding the time. When we got there sa labas palang parang may rally na! Haha. We should have gone earlier!:( Paid P600 each for a ride-all-you-can ticket. Dani and Kyle paid P450 coz they presented their student ids.

okay it's pretty obvious how small EK seemed yesterday coz of the 1 million people inside!

 Rialto line! OA.

So we spent 30 minutes walking around (the extremely long lines disheartened the maarte us haha) and tried to come up with a gameplan. But first...

Souvenir shop muna!

So nostalgic! I was telling them how I was really looking forward to this trip coz I can now afford to take home anything inside the store! When I was young I would only take home purple straws from hotdog stands as pasalubong! Wawuuh. Hahaha.

all we did was laugh all day!!! Super wild kasama si Kelly and Dani. They just suddenly bust out choreographed dance moves anywhere. Hahaha!

lovebirds Dani and Kyle 

So the lovebirds tried to trick us into riding the Space Shuttle first, but no no no no no! I wanted to start my day at a slow pace. Wanted to get on my favorite rides first before this hardcore one. Haha. So we continued walking around...

 ...and played games!!! Kaaddict supeeer.

I won the cute penguin stuff toy!!! Woot!

while waiting for our fried oreo (which was heavenly!)

The line was box office-ish everywhere. So we decided to kill time by playing more games! Haha.
can you see kelly? ayan sha yung blurred being sa side. haha! he won 2 snake stuff toys!

Mich and Paul both tried to conquer this  obstacle course...

...and both failed. Haha ang hirap nian!!!

Come night, we were finally able to get on our first ride... The Flying Fiesta!!!

Was squealing out of sheer delight at first and then went cray cray on air for 10 seconds coz of dizziness. Wahehe.


We were lined up for Rialto when the performance came on with matching snow! Na sabon lng talaga sa totoong buhay. Eeek.

evidence of snowing. hehehe

drooled over the cute wizard stuff toy again hehe

hello there!!!

Epic scene: (saw Eldar the resident wizard walking)

Pax (in her most excited and loudest voice): Oh My Goooood, si Dumbledooooore!! Ay, si Merliiiin!! Ay p*******a sino ba yan??!!


 this area never fails to make me smile:)

 our 2 penguins. wahehe

waiting for our turn

After more than 30 minutesand 1 million impromptu performances from Dani, Kelly and Kyle, we finally made it inside!

Will post our group pic on my followup post! Decided to take a break and eat dinner afterwards. No photos (bakit nga wala? haha) but that is when the highlight of my day happened. So we were all eating, laughing, joking around. I scavenged food from Ana like I always do, but this time something happened. I ate a garter from her braces (which she removed from her mouth hahaha) with the mashed potato I got from her platito. OMG buti d ko pa naswallow!!! Wahahaha. EPIC. Told her that was the ultimate test of our friendship, and the fact that I didn't faint (LOL) sealed the deal I guess. Haha! Ang winner pa dun, I resumed eating from her plate after it happened. Hahaha! And then...


video soon:)

class picture...field trip pose!!!

Kyle, Ana, Dani, kelly, Niche, Me, Mich, Paul

love my girls:) 

The young ones (haha) decided to give Space Shuttle another try, one for the road ba, but Mich, Paul, Niche and I sneaked off (in short, nag ninja or french exit!). Haha. We went for the Jungle Log Jam ride instead. It capped off our night! Best ride eveeer. 

Will post more photos soon. Will get photos pa from the other cameras. Also watch out for our crazy wild videos! Can't wait to go back again, weekday na next time and definitely not December! Hehe. Can't wait for our next adventure. See you January CEBU!!!:)


  1. hahaha! comedy tlaga kayo ms.aisaaaa! :) glad you had fun..:)

  2. ANG SAYA SAYA SAYA KOOOOO!!! At tawa padin ako ng tawa sa GARTER STORY!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! :D Till next adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sayang naman hindi ko po kayo nakita sa EK :( Super dami kasi tao that day.

  4. Sayang naman hindi ko po kayo nakita sa EK :( Super dami kasi tao that day.

  5. Andyan din kame nung Saturday!!! Grabe sa dami ng tao lang :)) Nakita ko yung friend niyo Ms. Aisa! Yung guy na naka brown/printed top (cute niya, sobrang fashyown!:3). Sayang di kita nakita! I wanna see you in person pa namaaaaan! >:D<


  6. Looked like a real magical trip!!! ^__^


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