Food Trip: PINO Resto Bar, Jupiter Makati!

I don't why I keep torturing myself, working on food posts in the wee hours of the morning. Gaaaah. I cannot stop drooling, I feel like my stomach has gone bonkers. Save meeeeeeeeeeee. Haha. Okay OA na, pero gutom na gutom lang ako now, seryoso! Tsss. Anyway, I recently visited the newest branch of one of my favorite restos (naks) -- PINO! The place has almost the same interior and design (but more shushal) with their Malingap branch. What remained constant and consistent is it's charm, the homey feel of the place, and of course the wonderful taste and presentation of every dish. The food! The fooood. Nomnomnomnom. It's orgasmic, as always. Heee. Photos!


it's not Pino if there's no doodle wall! By Alessa and PJ Lanot:)

friendly reminder from Pino's vegetarian counterpart, Pipino! 

Okay, I'd be honest, I was a little intimidated that night coz we had seasoned food bloggers in our midst. It was amazing to watch them at work! I saw how they positioned every food/drink/plate to get that perfect shot, how they use reflectors, and how they savor each dish presented to them. In short, kulelat kami. Haha! BUT! We might not be food experts, but we do know GREAT food when we taste them!

giant margarita

one of the food bloggers. he looks so familiar! 

cupcakes for sale. so good!

 more merchandise for sale on the counter. I will buy this vegetarian bagoong next time!:)

Flavored beers! Drowned myself in cucumber. My fave! Try out the other flavors too: strawberry, lychee, apple, honeymansi, melon (?) and I forgot the other one but they're all good!

Bacon & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Kare-Kareng bagnet, their bestseller!!! You should try this as in now na. Ay later na! So good!

Ruben what's this called again? This is tasty! 

Chef Ed was sweet enough to prepare a vegetarian meal for Ana, Watermelon Steak! So unique noh???:)

Would die for this Coffee Crusted Beef Belly! Love how tender the meat is and of course the taste!

Chocnut Turon. Just dunk and eat! Served with vanilla ice cream. Perfect combi!

other desserts

Tablea cheesecake. We murdered this one in 2 minutes! My fave from the bunch:)

with one of my guy bestfriends, Ruben Lanot, part owner of Pino, Pipino and Brgr Project! Thanks nget!

happy birthday Arnie!

hello Chef Ed! Thanks also!:)

Overall, it was a pleasant trip to Jupiter. Even Anne Curtis agrees! She and Erwann Heusaff (omg namatay kami ang pogi nia haha) were sitting behind us that night. Heard them say nice things about the food they ordered... Anne even tweeted about it!:) Anyway, in summary, I would say PINO nailed it. The brilliant team behind the brand (including Pipino and Brgr Project) definitely know what they're doing and I think they've decoded the formula of success. Great ambiance, lovely interiors, delicious and unique food, reasonable prices, generous serving and magnificent service. Like SM, they've got it all for you. Naks.

class picture by the doodle wall!

had fun with my girls Arnie, Rovie and Ana!

It's the perfect place to satisfy your cravings and chill with your friends. Can't wait to go back! Let's go?:)

Pino & Pipino Jupiter
38 Jupiter Street, Brgy. Bel-Air, Makati
Hours: 11am-2pm & 5pm-1am (Mondays to Saturdays)
11am-2pm & 5pm-10pm (Sundays)


  1. Enjoy kayo palagi kasama!!! ♥ Thank you for the great night + birthday salubong babe! Haha balik tayo gusto ko ng bagnet!!!

  2. paxie super thanks for bringing me here!! nagenjoy ako!!!!

  3. Man that food blogger sure looked like an idiot! hehe


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