SHULONG DesignYourShu Event

As I've said on my previous post, I (together with 4 other bloggers) was given the fun and challenging task to design our own Shulong pairs. Did you know that Shulong shoes were actually inspired by Asian martial arts, Wushu in particular? It's ergonomic design was derived from Wushu shoes, which explains the extra padding that makes walking (or running) for hours a walk in a park of clouds. I could attest to that. I tried walking in it for hours, I even hiked in it! It was designed for comfort, style and individuality (hence the DIY kit included in black and white styles). So here are photos from their Trinoma exhibit and on the spot design contest!

DIY Shulong

Here are the pairs on exhibit...
I asked Mich to draw Angkor Wat, just a 3 tower one. Um okay. She drew the whole freakin thing. Hehe.

love how the stamps looked real!

bongga ang branding. hahaha

The Jetsetter by Pax and Mich! (grabbed from WheninManila)

Baroque by Sarah Tirona

Notes by Katrina Tan

His & Hers by Lovechic (Seph and Shai)

Cosmic & Wired by Ana Gonzales

Interview hihi

Res Toe Run / Shulong on display!:)
love these high cut ones!

Mich and Bestie had a hard time choosing what pair to take home!

chose this for Mich! She loves it so muuuch kulang maligo sha in it.

Resident artist Pedro Santi also impressed us with his on-the-spot designs! Some blogger loves had their pairs designed by him during the event:)

And then the main event began! Different schools were asked to design a random Shulong pair and make their best school spirit interpretation.



 La Salle

San Beda

 University of the Philippines


We had our own bets, in tagalog manok, in english chicken. Weeeh. Hehe. It wasn't easy judging ha. We had to consider a lot of things like the design, the use of different materials, etc. Anyway, after 2 hours of labor, here are the winners!:)

3rd - San Beda

2nd place - La Salle

 1st - University of the Philippines!

Congratulations to all the winners and all those who participated! Amazing work everyone:)) 

 Photos with the Shulong team and bloggers!
ana, me, janine, seph and ean. we're all wearing shulong!:)

 with sarah, mich, ana and kelly

 Shulong girls! Ana, Pax and Sarah

 I had a wonderful time. Thanks Shulong!

Thank you Ean Sanchez and Maui Rabuco! Watch out for our works of art, they will be displayed in Res Toe Run stores soon! Watch out for mine at Res Toe Run Gateway Mall:) Woot! So excited. What's your favorite?:)

For updates, check out:

Shulong is available at Res Toe Run branches!


  1. Cool! I've never even heard of Shulong. But I love the designs you girls made, especially Sarah's! I liked the San Beda ones, too. :)


  2. In fairness, ang galing ni Mich mag draw ng ankorwat. :)

  3. Ang galing nga ng drawing ni Mich. I bet all my wishing-to-be-jetsetter friends would love your design! Pero actually ang bet ko was UP & UST's work before I scrolled down and found out that UP won 1st place. hehe. (XD yay.. go alma mater!) Love the fact that you can design your own shoe.. its just soooo awesome. :)


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