Jagged Gold

Hello from Cubao! Hehe. How was your long weekend? I hope you all had an awesome one. Spent mine bonding with my parents and siblings (don't get to see them often) and also visited my ailing grandmother. I'm just happy she's now out of the hospital. But with relief also came sadness, my other grandpa (living in Ilocos) passed away last Saturday coz of old age. :( I know death is imminent, but when it strikes and someone you know falls, that's when reality bites the hardest. I always view things in a positive light, so looking at the glass half full, I see death as a celebration of life. It's the most effective way to ward off sadness you know. :) Speaking of celebration of life, I want to greet some friends of mine as they turn (or turned) a year older, wiser and lovelier. Happy Birthday Sarah, Lissa and JR Perea!:) Anyway, here are outfit photos from today...

Desino Dulce zigzag top, Omg.tk gold skirt, Janeo shoes

 This top is such a showstopper and compliment magnet! If you need a statement piece, thiz iz really iz it. Hehe. Love the print, colors and the collar tips:) Lakas maka vintage.

Esprit watch, Anne Asprer bracelet, SM Accessories belt & bag

I've had this top for quite a while now. I've worn this twice but I always fail to take photos of me wearing it. So here it is finally!:) It's super pretty and it's 70s inspired, I love it. You could order this top from Desino Dulce, plus some other designs that are equally pretty!:) I'm sure you also know that gold or metallic was forecasted to be a top trend this season. Well, I love gold (bagay sa mga tan or morena) and how one could dress it up or down. It could easily make any outfit more regal, more grand. Dubaaah. Also got this bag from SM Department Store for quite a steal! Been looking for a replacement everyday bag that could fit my 3/4s camera, and this one called to me like a mermaid in a vast sea. Fell in love with the style, the color and the 50% off price tag! Hehe.

I still have a few on my backlogs list, so I'll try to post 2-3 entries later including a maternity shoot I styled! Excited for that. But for now, I'm going back to watching Grimm and reading books on Wattpad (if you love reading books, download this app! so addicting). Oh, and I'm styling Karylle on Showtime this week, hope you could watch! And maybe tag me screencaps on twitter. Hihi. Hirap ng walang channels or cable sa TV! Lol. Happy Monday everyone!:)

P.S. New blog giveaways soon!:)


  1. Love the styling tip, Aisa! I always associate gold with black tie events. I want to try it for everyday wear. Love the top, too. So bongels!

  2. I really like your outfit here, simple and chic!!
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  3. This looks suits you well! My condolences btw. I love this post!

  4. Cute idea for a day-time look! I'm in the stages of figuring out how to wear my gold skirt, so thanks for sharing this. :)

    twitter: @BelatedBloomer


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