Food Trip: TORCH Restaurant, Greenhills

I've always wanted to try Torch Restaurant after hearing glowing reviews left and right. So when Marj Sia (who's friends with the owner) sent me an invite to a gastronomic feast at Torch with some blogger friends, I quickly said yes. It was a indeed an awesome night spent in great company, over great food and nice music. We love their playlist! Hehe. So without further ado, here are photos from the feast that was. Hope you're not reading this with an empty stomach. Hehe.

happy bloggers!

our gorgeous host for the night, Marj Sia!

menu for the night:)

vegetarian pizza

string fries

coco lychee martini slush

special salad for ana!:)

roasted pumpkin soup

truffle fries

volcano roll and beer tail mango daiquiri!

gambas pizza!

volcano roll!

steak panizza

secret sushi

steak fondue

 the steak master hehe. so yummy

salpicao medallion

had it served well done:)

panna cotta with fresh fruits

frozen brazo (which I wanted 10 servings of! sarap!)

Mike, Torch owner. Thanks for the feast!!!

Sarah sharing her prize with us for winning best dressed that night! 1 year supply of sushi! Hehe.

with Marj!

the girls

fun bunch! parang Christmas party lang! hehe

Thank you Marj for inviting us!

Overall, it was a delightful experience. It's the perfect place to chill and bond with your family or friends over great food. The prices are reasonable and servings are generous. It's officially our new favorite hangout place since it's near all of us (except Ana). It's also easy to find being situated along Connecticut Drive, Greenhills. When cruising EDSA (south bound) just turn right when you see KFC and just watch out for the huge Torch signage at your right.;) See you there?:)

Torch Restaurant is one of Manila's best restaurant which serves an array of cuisine from thin crisp gourmet pizzas, sizzling marbled angus steaks, and oven baked sushis. There is surely anything for everyone. Serving breakfast from 7:00AM until late hours for cocktails. Perfect for dates, families, and friends. It's a must go to when in Manila! 

For updates, follow TORCH's accounts!

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