New Glorietta Vibe Event: Congrats Philippines!

Will make this short and sweet. Congratulations Glorietta, Ava.ph and all the other brands who made this event/show possible! We beat the current world record of number of people walking the runway! Former record holder is Turkey with 1967 models, our final tally was 2255 models. Galeng! It was an honor to be a part of it. Thank you Ava.ph and Folded and Hung for taking care of the bloggers:)




hello! hehe

blog bestie Ana came to support! Thanks beb!

with mah pakner Gerd, Tracy and Ana

I didn't really feel comfortable with my very very sleek back hair, pero keri keri nalang coz keri naman daw. Hehe. But I think it's the primary reason why no one saw me walk the runway!!! I think they didn't recognize meeee. Ana also had a hard time running back and forth to take photos coz bloggers were coming out everywhere daw during our segment. It was so much fun though!!!:)

especially since Kyle Patrick of Click Five (this time sha ay Click One lamang) sang for us!

Sarah & Lissa!


I didn't see Bamboo's set though, sayang:) All clothes showcased were from Gloretta Mall merchants. We returned to F&H immediately after our set, so we didn't see na the announcement and other ganaps. But...

we did it!!!

Congrats Philppines!:)

This event was made possible by Ayala Malls-Glorietta, powered by AVA.com.ph, and Tattoo Black.


  1. Wow! I'm so inggit! I wish I can walk the runway someday, too :)


  2. Wow! How I wish I could go there to see live the event in Glorietta. Do they have still a event like this?



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