Cambodia Day 4: Silk Farm

I still have some photos from Cambodia that I still haven't posted! Will just split it into 2 posts since it's kinda photo heavy:) Anyway, on our last day in Seam Reap, we decided to kill time by spending it inside the Silk Farm and the Cultural Village. Last few hours well spent! Here are photos from the farm!:)

From event shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, Bangkok blazer, SM Surplus flats
Forever 21 sunnies, SM hat, Jhajing bracelet, Meister watch 

Wearing some of my top travel essentials! White shirt, denim jeans, blazer, sunnies, watch and pretty ballet flats. Had to take off the blazer though when we went to Cultural Center coz it was sauna hot there. :(

Just had to take more outfit shots when I came across this little place inside the Cultural Center...

Back to our Silk Farm tour!
fields of gold (aka mulberry trees)

Step 1 - harvest time (worms feed on these mulberry leaves for a day and sleeps for 3 days)

tada! magiging ganito na sila after. this is where the creation of cocoons happen

kuya guide explaining their life cycle

end product from days of feeding,and sleeping and spinning! made from their saliva. sarap! haha
im sure favorite nila yung song na "Spinning Around" ni Mother Kylie Minogue

this is where the worm's dream of becoming a butterfly gets shattered into tiny pieces

1st step of harvesting silk threads-- boiling them to kill the worms and separate them from their cocoons. huhu

kala ata ni kuya shoot ng fear factor, he ate the worm! eeeeewy. tastes like corn daw. Um, kay.

end result of step 1! Ayan na ang raw thread.

Step 2:  spin spin spin to gather them into spools.

Step 3: making the thread finer! Mas expensive the silk if thinner the thread!

ilang worms ang nagbuwis buhay for this roll.

Step 4: Dyeing!

they dye using natural means!

for example, they use curry to dye them yellow

united colors of benetton

spools of blue threads

Step 5: Pattern making! Ang galiiing. It takes 3-7 days to finish 1 pattern

ayan na ang spools of thread in different colors used in making silk textiles!

silk is a huge part of the cambodian history. their ancestors wore silk as well!

different barks of trees/plants used in dyeing

gown made of cocoons!

traditional wedding outfits made of silk

toroooy! mag ganito kaya ako sa mall?

painting on silk

love this photo

tie dye! gandaaa!

After the tour we went inside the souvenir shop. So fancy the things sold inside! If you're fond of silk everything, YOU MUST GO HERE. I wanted to buy a silk scarf but Mich said wag na coz burara daw ako. Weh. Haha. So if you're in Siam Reap, Cambodia, iavail niyo na this tour. It's free anyway, very educational pa!:)

after the tour, we chilled at the ice cream shop outside

free cold towel! thank you kuya! hehe

Took us 2 hours to tour the place and chill for a bit:) Afterwards, we headed to the Cultural Center where Mich and I had so much fun. Photos on my next post! Toodles!:)


  1. Thanks for this post :) It's as if I was in Cambodia as well.

  2. nice silk farm! nice outfit too btw:)

  3. very interesting post Ms.Aisa! i like that you shared the step by step method of creating silk thread(because honestly, i've never known it before),,oh,, poor silk worms :( i also like how you shared the beautiful products out of silk thread :)



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