Flouncy + Love Packages!

So sleepy right now. Have a busy week ahead and I've been on my phone and been emailing for an hour now. I just want to sleeeeep. Hehe. Anyway! How's Monday treating you so far? Only 5 days to go til Bloggers United 4!!! Woot. Unlike our past events, BU4 is bigger (coz of the venue) and more mainstream. Please don't expect any program (we had a hard time getting sponsors coz iba rate ng World Bazaar and they're strict) hence not much prizes at stake. But I assure you, there would be great finds as always AND your favorite bloggers would be there! Bawi nalang kami sa May. :) Here's a random outfit post! My outfit yesterday for a day of shopping with some blogger loves at Bratpack Greenbelt and for a christening with my Robinsons friends:) Going back to vintage!

Fashion Tea vintage dress, Primadonna belt, Peanutbutter Jeri blazer

Esprit watch, Bedazzle bangle, SM bag, Thrifted Millies shoes

love the pastel colored stripes, halter buttondown style of this dress! So 50s!

I've had this dress for 2 months now. I'm so happy that I finally got to wear it! Took me months coz I had it altered pa and I got busy the past months:( Sorry Gweng! Anyway, I love it to death. Had it shortened to make me taller (it was originally a midi dress). Hehe.
I've never been comfortable wearing clothes that highlight my bony shoulders, so I always wear a blazer or any topper to conceal them. Chose my ever reliable yellow blazer for this outfit! :) Okay, that's all wala nako masabi. Lol.

Photos from the christening! Really missed my Robinsons friends!:)
cute baby Jeido!

proud mom Kitin!:)

Rob friends Kitz, Arianne, Aimee, Pats and Kathy!

tita aimee and Jeido

my favorite girl Pats!

love these people!:)

cutie Moira!

 pats and baby moira!

Love spending time with old friends, they keep me sane!:) Missed them so much, can't wait to see them again next week!:) Happy Monday everyone! Need to go na pullouts galore. Babooosh.

P.S. New buys + love packages! Thank yooou!
artsy skirt fro Jhajing. Thanks Ja!

pretty stuff from Bubbles! Thanks Tati:)

Chapstick candy cane! 

vintage Moschino belt I bought from Designerati!

new buys from Bench!

pretty clothes from Egerie! Thanks Jack:)

cute tops from Little Nook!:)

Crave More accessories. Thanks Christine!

arm candies from Melody!

Have you completed your Christmas list?:) Check out the stores above! And don't forget to drop by sa Bloggers United Bazaar at the World Trade tent this weekend! See you! xo


  1. I love your outfit and the Moschino Belt dear :P)


  2. are you kidding? you have nice shoulders, do flaunt it! this dress looks great on you. :)

  3. Small world, i know some of ur Rob friends coz im from Rob too, RSC :)

  4. I love your cardigan!


  5. Really envious with your blazer collection, Paxie!


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