Araneta Center's Dress Me Up Event Part 2!

Got invited a few weeks ago to participate in Araneta Center's 2nd Dress Me Up Event. We were asked to style models and Bb. Pilipinas winners using clothes, accessories, shoes from 6 participating brands. We were given a few hours to pullout and come up with 2 looks, have it photographed and showcased on the runway before winners were chosen. Here's how our long, tiring yet super fun day went!

 my co-stylist and partner in crime!
our very reliable assistant for the day Sharmaine:)

camwhoring at 10am. Hihi.

Our tasks: pullout from participating stores for less than 2 hours, come up with 2 looks inspired by the new Dairy Queen flavor, Black Forest, use red, black and white as primary colors.

Our first stop: BAYO!

Okay, so we really didn't have any specific look or inspiration in mind. Our game plan was to pullout the best pieces while sticking with the motif, and then just freestyle. Haha. Our biggest challenge was pulling out coz there was a limit per store. For Bayo, we were only allowed to get 3-4 pieces.

2nd stop: PROMOD

I love PROMOD. This is where we went cray cray. There were so many gorgeous stuff that I had to edit (spent 10 minutes bawling over the excess things I had to let go of) so as not to go over the 6-piece pullout allowance. I originally wanted to pullout a quilted leather jacket, but everyone got one off the rack, so I just opted for the red trench coat instead. It was the best decision I ever made that day! I'm a huge fan of coats and I know how it makes any ensemble instantly stand out. This is where we mostly got our statement pieces.

3rd stop: PARFOIS

The accessories haven. So many pretty things inside! I wanna take home everything. Hehe. If you know me, I never excessorize, so we chose specific stand out pieces instead like the studded clutch and stacked bangles. I usually take out my styling on clothes instead of accessories, so we decided to pull more clothes.

4th stop: SEBAGO

Didn't pullout from here but we had so much fun inside the store! Love the collection!:)

5th stop: MARKS & SPENCER

Ana and I agreed to pullout basic pieces from this store. There are lots!

kagutom sa section na tooo

Last stop: GIRBAUD

After a 1 hour break, we're down to business!
1st look: Marks & Spencer mens union jack shirt & bag, Promod skirt, jacket and boots, Parfois beanie (as our cherry on top! witty heh)

Had our model's hair done

Prepping for 2nd look, our runway look!

so tall our model Elaine!

2nd look: Promod coat, Bayo top, sheer cardigan and pants, Parfois heels, purse and earrings

post shoot with Ana and Arnie

Come 7pm, the main event began! Our works were showcased through a fashion show complete with pagrampa of bloggers and brief explanation of our creation.

ayan naaa! so proud!

taray ni girl!

And then we were called on stage...

Our explanation: Our inspiration is "Holiday in New York" and Dairy Queen's new flavor Black Forest. Like "Black Forest" we used the colors red, black and white and played with different flavors and textures. Taking the brand's tagline "Something different", instead of using just a regular jacket or pants, we picked classic pieces with a twist...like this cute red trench coat from Promod, and these nice printed pants from Bayo. We can always invent trends and flavors, but people will never forget a classic. (panalo ba??? haha!)

picture with the girls while waiting for the judges verdict!

final walk


smiling but kabado!

final presentation, thank yous and sharing of experiences

mukhang kalmado pero kabado! haha

posing with my new sweet bff. wahehe


Arnie and Rovie won 2nd place! yehey! 

We were on cloud 9 for hours haha. Feels great whenever hardwork pays off!

Thanks to everyone who came and supported us. Hi Carvey Samonte! Wahehe. Congratulations to all the other groups as well!:) Thanks you Araneta Center and Dairy Queen! Sa uulitin:) 

Caught our works on display at Gateway's cinema lobby! Coolio...

Here are the final photos from our shoot!

What's your favorite look?:)


  1. wow.. ang galing =) congrats!!! winner nga ang inyong creations =)

  2. Lovely! The red trench coat rocks :)

  3. Fun fun day! Salap balik balikan :)

  4. That seems to be a very succesful event!

  5. Your dress! Pretty! Where did you buy it! :)


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