Wrapped in Love at Ayala Malls!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. For some reason, people are happier and kinder during this season. It must be the cold weather, the festive decorations everywhere, and the thought of spending it with people we love most. To celebrate this wonderful season, Ayala Malls started a campaign, "Wrapped in Love". One of its campaign activities, Charms of Christmas, encourages people to share kindness to just about anyone! I am all for this campaign, so I'm spreading more holiday cheer through this cool giveaway!!!:)

Just perform any of the acts of kindness stated below and you might get a chance to receive a charm bracelet designed by known local & international jewelry designer Ana Rocha!:) 

Here's the gorgeous charm bracelet to be given away!!!

I got confused when I first read this coz I'm a little uncomfortable with rewarded kindness. I don't like people who only plant seeds of kindness to reap what they sow after. But when I read it again and the mechanics, okay naman pala!:) Here's why...



1. Like Ayala Mall's Page (URL: http://www.facebook.com/AyalaMalls360)

2. On Facebook, upload a photo of yourself showing someone your gratefulness for his/her kindness and caption it with this phrase, “I thank you for___________.”

3. Leave your name, email and URL of your contest entry  below.

So basically, my genuinely kind readers and blog friends, just continue being kind. Bawal plastic dito! Hehe. I think Mich could win all of these bracelets sa pagka good samaritan niya. Haha. When someone suddenly whips out a camera and takes a photo of you, just this time, smile and let them and Ayala thank YOU. :) Also, if you happen to be an Ayala shopper and someone has shown you an act of kindness, just this time, show gratitude more than a resounding thank you. You get a free pass until December 16 (deadline of submission of entries) to document someone's kindness. Pay it forward!:)

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